12 days to go until the Moot!

Yes, it is just twelve days to go until the Pre-Conference training sessions, and things are starting to fall into place!


As it stands now, we are expecting over 270 people to attend the conference, and we have some space left – so if you have not booked do so quickly!

These attendees are coming from 19 countries and hail from a range of Schools, Colleges, Universities, professional bodies and businesses of various sizes. The eclectic attendance mirrors the diverse programme of presentations.

Session Selection

At the end of this week, all of the registered attendees will be added to a Moodle site where they will have access to details on the workshops and be able to say hello to each other, select their sessions, ask questions, and generally prepare for the Moot in Dublin.

Pecha Kucha

Registered attendees will also have the option to submit a Pecha Kucha proposal to take place at the conference. We have 4 sessions of Pecha Kucha planned, and these tend to be a bit of fun. We will have a few recorded for those who unfortunately could not attend the conference but nearly all will be live! They are just 6 minutes 40 seconds long each.

What is a Pecha Kucha? Well, think presenting 20 slides, with 20 seconds for each one, with the slides auto-changing and you get the picture.

For more information on Pecha Kucha  check the following links:



So keep an eye out once you are added to the Moodle site to submit your idea! They are fun to do!

Monday Night (April 2nd)

Another thing that attendees will be able to do is to discuss/vote what to do on this night. The current suggestions include a proper whiskey tasting session at the hotel (think trying 6 Irish whiskeys with a whiskey expert… it has my vote…), or a musical tour of central Dublin, or well, that is up to the attendees to discuss and vote!

March 31st / April 1st  (weekend before conference)

Some people are arriving early and may want to meet up to go sight seeing in Dublin (There are some simply amazing places to visit in and around Dublin), so on the forums you can perhaps coordinate some of this too, or where to meet for dinner etc. (I have a list of restaurants I can recommend which I will add to the forum at weekend, as I am sure other Irish based attendees will chip in).

That’s all for today. There will be more updates daily until the event!

OH! Just one last thing, as there will be more details to come – but as we have some prizes to give away at the Moot, there is going to be a game running throughout the Moodlemoot – keep your eyes peeled for details.

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