2012 – Blogger Passes

** Update **

Firstly, thank you to everyone who applied for the free Blogger Pass. We had a good selection of applicants including new and old bloggers alike but in the end the places were limited.

So we are delighted to be able to announce the Official Bloggers for the Moodlemoot:

  • Bernie Goldbach
  • Donal O’Mahony
  • James Clay

We look forward to seeing James, Bernie and Donal at the Moodlemoot!

James Clay – http://elearningstuff.net/@jamesclay

James Clay is and has been passionate about the use of learning technologies to enhance and enrich the learning experience since 1991.

James Clay has been ILT & Learning Resources Manager at Gloucestershire College since November 2006. He is responsible for the VLE, the use of learning technologies, e-learning, mobile learning, the libraries, digital and online resources and the strategic direction of the college in relation to the use of learning technologies.

James regularly blogs at e-Learning Stuff and can be found on Twitter at @jamesclay.

Bernie Goldbach – http://www.insideview.ie@topgold

Bernie @topgold Goldbach is a Moodler and constructivist who lectures at LIT. His InsideView.ie blog evolved from a technology column he wrote with the Irish Examiner during the dotcom boom.

Today he blends handheld learning with free wifi complemented by Moodle. He teaches creative multimedia and e-publishing courses in Tipperary and Limerick. .

Donal O’Mahony – http://elearningisland.ie/@domaho

Donal O’ Mahony is a secondary school teacher at Portmarnock Community School in North County Dublin, Ireland. He introduced Moodle to the school in 2007 and sees its introduction as a catalyst to lots of other digital projects at the school.

Donal firmly believes that it is all about the teaching and learning. Technological applications work away in the background allowing the teacher and student to engage with content in engaging ways.

He has blogged about this over the last three years in eLearningIsland. There are a number of themes throughout his blogging including using Moodle for intelligent teaching and learning, not as a content dumping space and engagement with learning through technology. Donal’s work has been recognised at European level for his work on blogging with students.

He is currently struggling (with his history students) preparing for a Twitter-stream around historical personalities.