2012 – Programme

April 2nd

Strand 1 Strand 2 Strand 3 Strand 4 Strand 5
9:00 Registration & Coffee
10:00 Moodle Development part 1 Moodle Themes Part 1 Moodle Course Creator Workshop Part 1 Intro to Moodle Moodle 2 Admin
13:00 —- Lunch —-
13:30 Moodle Development part 2 Moodle Themes Part 2 Moodle Course Creator Workshop Part 2 Adding Social to learning (Social Media Bootcamp) Moodle 2 Admin
16:30 – Coffee —-
Evening To be agreed by attendees

April 3rd

Strand 1 Strand 2 Strand 3 Training Strand
8:30 Registration
9:00 - Conference Welcome -
9:30 - Martin Dougiamas, Founder Moodle –
(Remote presentation)
10:30 – To be confirmed!! –
12:00 Moodle in a Dublin Secondary School Electronic Submission and Feedback via Moodle 2. Developing the Course Manager module for the management of course requests EQUELLA —-
A Case Study Exploring Students Perceptions of the Use of Moodle Tracking student progress with course completion Pluggable visualisation of Moodle datasets using native browser EQUELLA —-
Teaching & Learning Online with Moodle 2 Some plugins you may like -To be confirmed - EQUELLA —-
13:00 —- Lunch —-
14:00 Developing staff developing Moodle: a collaborative approach When Looks Really Do Matter Migrating to Moodle: An Experience Report from Motherwell College ELIS —-
Grassroots Moodle How Moodle can help you to deliver an online postgraduate programme The future with Moodle ELIS —-
Employing the 3E Framework to underpin institutional practice in the active use of technology Using Moodle to manage your assessments The Journey to Moodle ELIS —-
15:00 The Best Moodle Tools You’ve Never Used! Accessible Audio: Merging Moodle with Soundcloud Empowering Moodle at your institution Panopto —-
Engaging Students: The Learner Experience Creating and distributing OER packages with Moodle M2 LDAP Cohort Synchronization** Panopto —-
—- Global “Communities of Practice” – case studies Taking Moodle to the next level – New Advanced Automatic Management Tools for Teachers and Admins Panopto —-
16:00 —- Coffee —-
16:30 BBB Our Improved Assignment Activity and Turnitin Integration DSpace integration with Moodle: Integrating the NDLR with Moodle Kaltura —-
—- Moodle supporting problem-based, project-organized learning at Aalborg University Using Mahoodle as a Community Website Kaltura —-
—- GAC Corporate Academy Corporate Learning Moodle Case Study Using Mahara with Moodle Kaltura —-
17:30 Pecha Kucha Pecha Kucha Pecha Kucha Pecha Kucha
20:00 —- Conference Gala Dinner —-
April 4th
Strand 1 Strand 2 Strand 3 Training Strand
8:45:00 - Panel on Moving to Moodle 2 -
9:30 - Helen Foster, Community Manager Moodle.org -
10:30 —- Coffee —-
11:00 Just 2 – look what she can do! Managing Learning with Moodle 2 Tackling alcohol related problems through on-line training EQUELLA —-
It’s a jog not a sprint – The Moodle 2 Staff Development programme Dynamic courses: individual learning paths and online collaborative exercises in Moodle 2 DOES (Digital Online Education System) e-learning allow the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) build Communities of Practice around its key roles? EQUELLA —-
Lets talk about IT. Moodle 2.2! —- Implementing Moodle in the NHS EQUELLA —-
12:00 Evaluation of Level 7 Distance Learning Moodle Courses Promoting Student Engagement through Moodle Reporting Moodling with Rwandan Researchers ELIS —-
Moodle 2 and Google Analytics** Towards Context-Specific Personalised Learning in Moodle Creation of courses by a lean staff backstage ELIS —-
-to be confirmed- Continuous Engagement -To be confirmed - ELIS —-
13:00 —- Lunch —-
14:00 Repositories & File Management in Moodle Enriching the learning experience through interactive course content Multi-Tenancy in Moodle Panopto —-
Moodle 1.9 to 2.2 – our journey The Glossary Module: Moodle’s Swiss Army Knife Working with Moodle Flavours Panopto —-
A Lesson from the School of Hard Knocks: Upgrading from 1.9 to 2.0 Fine-tuning the Moodle experience —- Panopto —-
15:00 City University’s Strategic Learning Environment – A Tale of 2 Moodles Helping Moodle users with print disabilities Mathematic quizzes for Moodle 2 with Wiris Kaltura —-
Breaking down the barriers through Learning Tool Interoperability Mastering the Moodle 2 Workshop Module —- Kaltura —-
-to be confirmed- —- —- Kaltura —-
16:00 Community Panel
17:00 Finish

** are replacement sessions for those which were cancelled due to inability to attend.

The abstracts are available on slideshare