2012 – Presentations Formats

Our conference schedule is designed to cater for a number of types of presentation:

  • Pre-conference workshops (half day, full day)
  • Short presentations (17 minutes + shared Q&A)
  • Long presentations (25 min presentation + Q&A)

Pre-Conference Workshops

These half-day and full day workshops will be scheduled for the day before the main conference begins.

They will be presented by experts in their areas which could include topics such as Moodle Admin, Course Development, Moodle Development, Moodle Themes and Social Media.

A number of these have already been sourced but if you would like to volunteer to host one of these workshops please submit a proposal outlining the idea and format.

Short Presentations

These 17minute presentations are ideal for presenters to deliver a case study or information about an ongoing project.

These presentations will be grouped together in threes to facilitate greater movement and choice between streams. Where possible these presentations will be grouped with one on a related topic.

Long Presentations

These longer presentations are ideal for presenters to get participants working together on a specific subject or to deliver an indepth presentation on one area. The presentation should be geared to involve the participants as part of the session.

And now for Something Completely Different

If you have a great idea and it does not fit into our proposed structure please submit your proposal anyhow and we will see if we can fit it in.