2012 Sponsors


With the return of the Moodlemoot to Ireland for the first time in five years, this is your opportunity to contribute to and connect with the growing Moodle community in Ireland and the UK.

There are a wide range of sponsorship opportunities available which are detailed below. These provide varying levels of participant and visibility during the conference. If you have any questions or suggestions for creative approaches please contact us.

It is expected that there will between 250 and 300 Moodle users at the conference with a mix from Ireland and the UK.

Please contact us if you are interested in one of the sponsorship opportunities, or have any other questions.

Exhibitor Stand (Basic Sponsorship)

You can be one of the sponsors of the conference and have the following visibility:

Outside of the main hall (which is also used for some of the streams), there is an exhibit area where the coffee will be served.

You will be provided with a table and one chairs, and a power socket so that you can place leaflets and/or information. You may use your own stand/backdrop and/or a screen/TV with the table as long as it does not take up more than the allotted space.

  • With the stand you get one attendee ticket included.
  • Inclusion of a 4 page leaflet into the conference pack (this may be a delegate bag or a USB stick – not decided yet).
  • 1 ticket to the Gala Conference Dinner


Gold Sponsorship

This includes the Basic Stand sponsorship in addition to the following:

On the conference website:

  • a logo on the front page of the site in the sponsors block linking to a sponsors page
  • a page about your organisation in the sponsors category
  • a link to your website on your page


Stream Sponsorship

The Sponsor will be able to brand one of the presentation streams throughout the conference. Their logo will appear on the introduction for each of the presentations and they will be able to introduce the presenters at each of the sessions in that stream.


Attendee Ticket

If you need more than one named attendee ticket you can purchase more at a discounted price.

Offer a training session on how to best use your product with Moodle.

We will be running a training stream during the conference. There will be a limit of 4 product training sessions at the conference where you will have the opportunity to train participants on how best to use your product with Moodle. This could be how to create content with your tool for best display/tracking in Moodle, or how best to integrate it to maximise the effect on administration and learning.

Gala Dinner Sponsorship

The Gala dinner will be held at the hotel on the evening of the first day of the conference. The sponsorship will include the following opportunities for branding at the dinner:

  • short presentation before the start of the dinner
  • the opportunity to introduce the band
  • option to provide a raffle prize

Drinks Sponsorship

There will be two drink sessions which may be sponsored. The Sponsor will be able to give a short introduction at the beginning of the session.

The drinks sessions are on the end of the pre-conference and the end of the first day.


Please contact us if you are interested in one of the sponsorship opportunities.