ICS Skills, the training and certification body of the Irish Computer Society, is Ireland’s leading provider of IT user skills training.  Over half a million candidates in Ireland alone have undertaken the ECDL programme.  ICS Skills is a not-for-profit group, supporting education and promoting digital literacy for all.

Our commitment to bridging the digital literacy gap is demonstrated in our wide range of IT certification programmes, all designed to set the national benchmark in end-user computer skills.

ICS Skills leverages the support of both public and private organisations in order to improve skill levels and enhance productivity in the workplace. To date, more than 17% of the Irish working population has undertaken an ICS Skills certification.

ICS Skills strongly believes innovative education is a priority as a primary route to preparing young people for high quality employment. Interactive whiteboards, laptops, virtual learning environments (VLE’s) are the tools of a modern classroom; not in the classroom of tomorrow but in the here and now.

With the objective of supporting the use of technology in the classroom, ICS Skills is delighted and proud to present the ICS Grid.



The ICS Grid is a library of curricular resources covering all Irish secondary school subjects, providing student and teacher materials, along with a collection of online tools for building courses and creating content, assessment, communication, and tracking of student performance. It enables teachers to collaborate in designing and sharing customised lessons not only in their own schools but with all teachers in schools across the country, promoting constant resource development.ICS Grid delivers these resources via a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) developed by ICS Skills in conjunction with Enovation Solutions and Cambridge University Press.
ICS Skills has worked extensively with Irish teachers to ensure that the learning resources in ICS Grid are precisely mapped to subjects in the Irish curriculum and their examination syllabi. All content is developed or sourced by Irish teachers, to meet the demands of a challenging examination system as well as providing a rich and varied educational experience for students. ICS Grid consistently brings reliable, appropriate and relevant education content into Ireland’s classrooms.
Through the ICS Grid your school will have its own VLE providing access to a shared network of digital resources from teachers nationwide along with exclusive access to digital resources from international content providers through the Global Grid for Learning.

Each school’s VLE will have the following:

  1. A hosted Moodle Learning Management System for your school
  2. Access to the Global Grid for Learning library.
  3. Access to mapped curricular content (subject specific courses)
  4. Access to a central course / resource repository
  5. Training and Support for your teachers.

For more information on the ICS Grid please visit www.icsgrid.ie or contact grid@ics.ie  /  01 7753008