Kaltura Online Video Platform and Moodle Video Extension

Kaltura provides the first and only open source online video platform (OVP) for education, combining a full video platform with pre-integrated campus video tools. Kaltura enables educational institutions to handle all of their rich-media needs, and it is currently in use by hundreds of universities, including leading educational institutions worldwide. Kaltura’s education video solutions include Kaltura MediaSpace, a “Campus YouTube” video application, a central media repository, and a range of integrated plugins for Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) platforms, such as the Kaltura Moodle Video Extension. Kaltura education customers include Copenhagen Business School, Durham University, Canterbury University, MIT, NYU, Yale, Harvard, Columbia Business School, UPenn, Rutgers, Hunter College, and many more. Kaltura is also a leading provider in the Enterprise and Media markets, with more than 150,000 sites using Kaltura worldwide.

What is the Moodle Video Extension?

A standard Moodle plugin that integrates Kaltura’s advanced media management capabilities into the Moodle VLE. Our out-of-the-box plugin enables you to upload, publish and share video directly from your Moodle environment. This translates into time and money saved for your organization, and ease of use for students and faculty. Visit the demo site to see it in action.


Why use it?

  • Streamline video management – rather than relying on central media and VLE  teams, allow students and faculty to upload and manage media independently.
  • Extend your VLE with video capabilities – enable students and faculty to experience video as they would documents and other course objects.
  • Ensure top quality media delivery and protect VLE performance – with Kaltura’s tier 1 hosting, and CDN, give students a high quality viewing experience and prevent your VLE from stalling under the weight of video files.

Features and Benefits

  • Video Resources – add a video resource to any course at the click of a button.
  • Student and Faculty Engagement – allow students and faculty members to upload videos, images, audio files and documents, and to create and assign video assignments.
  • User friendly media management within Moodle – allow users to search, browse, manage and play a course’s collection of visible media, based on user permissions.
  • Easy video upload – allow students and faculty to upload media and interact with video.
  • Optimal Playback Experience – with our adaptive bitrate technology.
  • Mobile support  – Support for video playback on mobile and tablet  devices (including iPhone and iPad)
  • Configurable player branding and features
  • Video Presentation Widget – allow users to synchronize video with PPT presentations and other office docs.


Best Practices for Integrating Video and Rich-media with Moodle

Video is becoming key to any eLearning and distance education platform. Teachers are increasing their use of video, and students expect extensive use of rich-media within courses.  This session will provide a demo and hands-on training for adding interactive video capabilities within Moodle and present a range of case studies and use cases of how leading universities worldwide are leveraging video to enhance their overall learning experience across campus.