Panopto is a software company that is transforming the way academic institutions deliver education to students. Using Panopto software, universities can record every lecture being delivered in classrooms across campus, store those recordings in a single location, and make them available to students on-demand. Over 400 universities around the world are already using Panopto to enhance the learning process and improve student achievement.

We are very pleased to be sponsors of Moodlemoot this year. Come along to our stand to find out more about our platform and how it integrates with your Moodle learning management system.



Panopto Focus is an affordable, software-based lecture capture solution that allows you to capture, edit and share lecture recordings easily. The recording interface is very simple to use – just click to record and share your presentation. The editing suite is also intuitive and easy to use without any special training.

  • Search for a topic or keyword – students can search a recording to pinpoint the exact topic or keyword they need. They can also search across an entire library of lectures to find sessions that contain those topics.
  • Integrate with existing hardware to help keep the total cost of ownership low –local installations run off a standard Windows 2008 server (R2 Edition).
  • Schedule recordings so that lecturers can literally turn up and teach – the entire presentation is captured without the need for human intervention and is completely unobtrusive.
  • Instant recognition of most webcams, video cameras and other recording equipment, making setup quick and easy. Scale to a group of classrooms, an entire campus or network of campuses.
  • Panopto statistics allow you to see how many views your recording gets on a day to day basis, and which sections were watched most.

Automatic publication of recordings to Moodle means that students can find what they’re looking for straight after the lecture, with no additional administration processes for lecturers.

Panopto Unison

Panopto Unison is a powerful, new video content manager. A one-stop content management solution, it allows you to import, transcribe, remix, and publish rich media from any source. Unison makes it easy to breathe new life into old resources. Revitalise and re-leverage existing audio, video, PowerPoint, and more by repackaging them in dynamic, immersive, and keyword searchable recordings.

Panopto Unison is built on the same platform as Panopto Focus, so Pancasts created with Unison will deliver the same rich viewing experience and familiar features as Focus, including search, editing, mobile viewing, analytics, and more.

Combined with Panopto Focus, Panopto Unison gives you a single destination to effectively manage all of your institution’s video.

Workshop Session: Using Panopto Lecture Capture with Moodle

Panopto are running two 1-hour sessions to take you through our software and show you how it integrates with Moodle. We will also be providing an update about our latest product release, so please join us.

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