2012 Video Recordings

For the conference we had to run with a backup-plan for the videos, so it was not what was planned however we did get some of them recorded. Some worked out, some didn’t. Lesson learnt for 2013.

Here are the recordings that survived.

The best tools that you have never used in Moodle – Michelle Moore

Helping Moodle users with print disabilities – Dominik Lukes

Using Moodle to Manage your assessments – Mark Glynn

Using Mahara with Moodle – Dominique Renault

When looks really do matter – Li-ling Ooi

Towards a context-specific personalised learning in Moodle – Michael O’Mahony / Mark Melia

Working towards a comprehensive learning environment with Moodle – Geraldine McDermott

20 Moodle improvements – Daniel McSweeney/Kyle Goslin

Moodle Reporting – Alex Buchner

Fine tuning the Moodle experience – Stuart Lamour

Continuous Engagement – Farzana Latif

Using Mahoolde as a Community Website – Mary Cooch

DSpace integration with Moodle – Integrating the NDLR with Moodle – Catherine Bruen

Promoting Student Engagement through Moodle Reporting – Clive Holtham

Enriching the learning experience through interactive course content – Kyle Goslin

It’s a jog not a sprint – The Moodle 2 Staff Development programme – Nitin Parmar

How Moodle can help you to deliver an online postgraduate Programme – Mari Cruz Garcia

Mastering the Moodle 2 Workshop module – Michelle D Moore

Just 2 – look what she can do!  – Daniel Mackley

Lets talk about IT. Moodle 2.2! – Eric Clarke/Laura Widger