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As part of the Game people had to submit their blog posts to the site, so having given them points I thought I should add links to all the posts here as it has so much valuable information that I am sure everyone will find it useful.

Unfortunately, I have not blogged on it yet, although I will soon. Organising it and finishing stuff after it has my focus for now.

Thanks to Shirley Crawford for having collated some on her blog, so credit goes to Shirley for this post.

So here is some of the reflections, in no particular order.

Domink Lukes   @techczech

Mary Cooch    @moodlefairy

Kieran Briggs    @wheelz24

Mark Aberdour    @maberdour

Nitin Parmar    @nrparmar

Shirley Crawford    @shirl24

Fred Boss    @fboss

Donal OMahony      @domaho

James Clay   @jamesclay

Rebecca Barrington    @BBarrington

Mark Glynn   @glynnmark

Wordle of Tweets from the Moot

PDF of Tweets from the moot (@fboss)



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