Early Bird Invoicing Extended to Dec 31st

Due to a number of requests, we are extending Early Bird pricing until the End of the year for institutional/organisational invoicing. So you have just over 2 more weeks to request an invoice.

If you want to use this method, you must email info@moodlemoot.ie with the following details:

  • The Name & Emails of all those who will attend and whether they are there for the 2 or 3 days and whether to include the hackfest or not.
  • The Name and Address to go on the invoice  (also email address to send it to)
  • The VAT Number of the organisation if applicable
  • The Purchase Order number (if applicable).

We will endeavour to issue the invoices the day they are requested (within reason!).

All invoices to be paid by cheque or by bank transfer only.

** Please note, that tickets are reserved when invoiced, but are only confirmed upon the receipt of payment.

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