Meet some members of the Moodle Team in Dublin

One of the benefits of attending a Moodlemoot is networking with other Moodlers from around the community and across the globe.

In Dublin, we are lucky to be joined by some well-known members of the Moodle Team.

martin dougiamasMartin Dougiamas
Founder of Moodle

Martin is the founder and lead developer of Moodle. He lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has been working on Internet stuff for 23 years, and in particular, most of his experience has been in education at a tertiary level. He was webmaster of a large university since the web started, and manager of a WebCT system for some years after that. He has postgraduate degrees in Computer Science and Education plus most of a PhD entitled “The use of Open Source software to support a social constructionist epistemology of teaching and learning within Internet-based communities of reflective inquiry” (Moodle didn’t let him finish it!)

His main mission in life now is Moodle. He started it in 1999 and since then the project has been growing exponentially in terms of size and activity. Now he works from Moodle HQ each day with many different people from around the world on a ever-widening variety of things.


Helen FosterHelen FosterHelen Foster
Moodle Community Manager

Helen Foster is Moodle administrator for a site with over a million registered users – – which provides free 24-hour support for Moodle users worldwide. Helen works full-time for Moodle as Community Manager, keeping an eye on all the Moodle community sites, such as Moodle Docs and MOOCH, and tries to help ensure Moodle HQ developers understand where teachers are coming from.

Helen has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of London and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Cambridge. Helen has 14 years teaching experience and has co-authored the book ‘Using Moodle, Teaching with the Popular Open Source Course Management System’ (published by O’Reilly) which may be downloaded for free from Moodle Docs.


David MudrakDavid Mudrak
Senior Analyst Developer
Liberec, Czech Republic

David Mudrák is Moodle core developer working at Moodle HQ team. Before that, he was ICT teacher at a high school and researcher in the field of theory of ICT education. He has been contributing to the Moodle code since 2004. David is the Czech language pack maintainer and runs the community portal

He is the author of several Moodle components and extensions, including Workshop 2.x module, Stamp collection, Course ordering and invoicing, Subcourse module, Course contents block and AMOS. Recently, he has been mainly working on advanced grading methods architecture, 1.9 backups restore, available update notifications and automatic plugins deployment.

In his free time, he enjoys flight simulators and train traffic control games, nice food and beer.


Mary CoochMary Cooch
Documentation Fairy

A relative latecomer, Mary only discovered Moodle in 2006 when her school, Our Lady’s High Preston, was investigating Virtual Learning Environments, and it wasn’t until 2008 that she was brave enough to post in the Moodle support forums under her own name. By profession a languages teacher, she has since then become an active member of the English, German and French forums and now works with Community Manager Helen Foster to ensure the documentation on is up to date for every release. She is also curator of  Mount Orange, the Moodle school demo site

Mary wrote the first ever book on Moodle 2 (Moodle 2 First Look ) and recently updated her popular Moodle For Teaching 7-14 Year Olds. Based at the Our Learning training centre , her hobbies include blogging, screencast making-and Moodle. Mary lives in Preston on her laptop.


Koen RoggemansKoen Roggemans
Moodle translation coordinator

Koen started using Moodle in 2003 (Moodle version 1.08!) at his school and helped with the translation of Moodle into Dutch. Koen’s experience with the friendly Moodle community and the quality of the software developed inspired him to use and help with the translation of other open source educational software. Koen is now the Dutch language pack maintainer for Moodle, Mahara and Freemind and contributes to the OpenBiblio translation.

Koen has worked on the Moodle project as a volunteer since 2004 as Moodle translation coordinator, encouraging and supporting people in translating Moodle into over a hundred languages.

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  1. Looks like a great line up. Looking forward to it.