Moodlemoot Dublin 2013 – Call for proposals

We are delighted to open the call for proposals for the Dublin Moodlemoot 2013 being held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Northwood, Dublin, Ireland on Feb 18-21 2013.

Sharing your experiences from using Moodle, and learning from others is one of the main reasons for attending a Moodlemoot, so this year instead of setting strict themes or topics we are leaving it open to the community to submit Moodle related presentations and we will stream them as is best possible. They must however be Moodle related!

We are now inviting proposals for presentations, pecha kucha and infographic posters! For more details on the different presentation formats click here

Conference Schedule

The schedule for the two central days (Feb 19 and Feb 20) of the Moodlemoot will be designed to cater for a number of proposal types these include:

  • Pecha Kucha
  • Short Presentations
  • Long Presentations
  • Infographic Poster

In addition to the sessions, this year we are introducing an Infographic Posters section to the conference.

There will be a number of training and workshops sessions for the 1st day of the Moot (Feb 18th) but these are being organised centrally. On the 21st we plan a development focused hackfest – more details to come on this.

If you have any ideas you may wish to contribute or would like to volunteer to help at the pre-conference training workshops, please email

How to Submit

This year we are using the EXORDO conference planning tool, to aid with the submission, review and programme creation process.

To submit your proposal, you have fill out the online proposal form

The steps for submission are quite straight forward.

You will be first asked to register – which is just three simple steps

  1. Fill in your email
  2. Fill in your first name and surname
  3. Click Create Account, then click continue.

Now you can move into the submission process
To start Click on Submit a Paper
– Step 1.  Type in the Title and Abstract  – Click Done
– Step 2.  Fill in the authors page including affiliation/organisation – Click Done
– Step 3.  Select the Topics for the Submission  – Click Done
– Step 4.  Select which submission format you are submitting the abstract for – Click Done
If you need to edit any details you can then Click on EDIT
And that’s that, you can submit more than one proposal if you wish.

Be sure to check out the different formats of presentations before you submit your idea.

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