Moodlemoot Game Time


Some conferences have had scavenger hunts to win prizes, some have had cards where you needed to get exhibitors to stamp them (collect badges) to get entered into a draw, and some have had just random draws. The purposes for these were entertainment and also recognition of the sponsors/exhibitors part-funding of the conferences.

Well, if you have not guessed it yet, that would be waaaay too simple!

This game is about engagement.

It is about activity.

It is about knowledge.

It is to help encourage full on participation with the conference, attend a bit of everything, learn a bit of this and that, talk about it, think about it.

So what is it?

The Game.

As a certain host used to say, What do points make?, Prizes! and this game is no different.

In the year of the Olympics in the UK, we have our own race for this Moodlemoot, a points race.

The rules are quite simple

Attendees collect points for various tasks, these are detailed below.

Some of these tasks require :-

  • attendance at a presentation, training session or keynote to learn something or just attend (sign in)
  • Moodle knowledge
  • some general tourist knowledge of Dublin!
  • social media activity (Tweets, blogs and so on..)
  • some information about the sponsors

So at the last session of the Moot, we hope to have calculated the points for everyone.

The top points five points collectors will go into a draw for a new iPad .

The top 20% of the point holders will go into a draw for a number of other prizes.

Not everyone is scheduled to do everything, but there are a lot of ways to earn points so be sure to check them out.

So what are the prizes?

There may be more but so far:

  • 2 days of on-site training/consulting on Moodle 2 (Expenses not included)
  • One year license for the WIRIS suite for up to 500 users
  • new iPad 16gig wifi white
  • One Packt Elearning library subscription

We are awaiting other prizes to be confirmed by some sponsors, more news when we have it.

How to Earn Points!!

Points Description
5 Tweet at least once during April 2nd-April3rd about the Moot using the #mootieuk12 (you must have your profile updated in the Moodle profile)
5 Blog at least once during the April 2nd-April 3rd days of the Moot about the Moot, or a session, and put a copy into the forum in this course.
10 Answer some questions on the conference exhibitors.
40 A Moodle 2 quiz – lots of questions and only 2 minutes to answer, do as much as you can!
20 Dublin Tourist Site picture quiz – Have you looked up about the key sites to see?
10 Present at the Moot (any type of scheduled presentation)
10 Conference Keynote Quiz – answer two questions about the main keynotes and panel discussions
40 10 points for each attended hands-on session on ELIS, EQUELLA, Panopto or Kaltura – 40 points up for grabs here in total.
10 Name the first song that the Jazz band plays after the Gala Dinner
20 Filling in the Moot evaluation & feedback form

So thats it. We hope you find it some fun.

The game opens on Friday and all registered attendees will be added to the game area in the Moodle site.

Some of the quizzes will already be there and of course you can think about which sessions you may want to attend to maximise your point earnings!

Good luck and have fun!

And yes, that new iPad screen is really lovely. :)

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