Presentations Upload

Just a quick update about the Moot, about uploading presentations and so forth.

Early next week we will add all registered attendees to the Moodle site and to some Moodle courses so that:

  • presenters can upload their presentation – this must be uploaded by the end of next week.
  • those attending the workshops on the monday can select which workshop they want to attend
  • attendees can see who else is coming and make contact etc
  • we can finalise locations for the coach pickups/dropoff  (ie, which from hotel locations we will collect at ).

We have gone past 320 people coming from over 20 countries, so it is looking quite interesting indeed.

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Moodlemoot Edinburgh Update

So now that we have released the draft schedule, it is time to give a quick update on where we are.

305 and counting

We have reached 300+ people for the Moodlemoot so far and currently aim to cap registrations at 350 or  4 weeks before the start date, so with just under two months to go – you should think about registering soon if you have not done so yet.

  • 25% of those attending are from Scotland
  • 30% of those attending are from outside of the UK, with attendees currently coming from 22 countries
  • 140+ organisations will be represented at the Moot including Higher Ed, Further Ed, Schools, Semi-State and Businesses.

You can still register online with credit card, or via invoice – see here for details.

Next Steps

We will be adding registered users to a Moodle site / course for the Moot at the end of Feb. This will allow those booked on the first day to select their workshops and to make contact with other attendees to coordinate meetings/sightseeing/schedules.

Once added to the main course all attendees will need to fill in a form to let us know which hotels they are staying in. This is so that we can finalise and confirm the coach pickup spots in the cluster of hotels. We wont pickup from every hotel door but goal is to have the pickups within a short walk of each.

If you have not yet booked your accommodation –  check out the booking options provided by Marketing Edinburgh


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Draft Moodlemoot Edinburgh 2014 Programme

This is the current version of the draft programme and schedule for the Moodlemoot  Edinburgh 2014.

The Draft Programme is a normal PDF and includes:

  • 4 day draft schedule
  • Workshop descriptions
  • All abstracts

You can download the latest programme here (Apr 9 version) -> Moodlemoot-Edinburgh 2014 - Draft Programme Apr (299)

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Moot Update

We had some maintenance on the website last Thursday which impacted some trying to catch the early bird, so we are doing one final extension until Tuesday evening on the 4th Feb. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

All those who requested an invoice / PO payment should have got their reply, if you haven’t – please contact us and we will rectify the situation.





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Announcing Moodler of the Year Award

We are delighted to announce a new award to be ran in conjunction with the Moodlemoot – Moodler of the Year 2014.

The purpose is to celebrate and reward excellent teaching practice in the use of Moodle in learning and assessment delivery. The award is open to individuals and teams based anywhere in Europe who are coming to the Moodlemoot in Edinburgh.

The award will be judged by a panel chaired by the Moot Chair – Dr Keith Smyth of Edinburgh Napier University.

The panel is:

  • Dr Mark Glynn, DCU
  • Dr Carolyne Jacobs, University of Portsmouth
  • Dr Keith Smyth, Edinburgh Napier University
  • Michael de Raadt, Moodle HQ
  • Gavin Henrick, Learning Technology Services

Winners will be presented with the award and the prizes at the Gala Dinner at the Moodlemoot Edinburgh 2014 on the evening of April 15th.


Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third places as decided by the panel.

The prizes are sponsored by Learning Technology Services and will be:

1st prize £750 + one Ticket for attending the Moodlemoot in 2015(venue to be confirmed soon).

2nd prize £500

3rd prize £250


A person, or a team may put forward a Moodle based learning project they have completed in their organisation in the past year of the submission date.

The entries will need to include a number of things:

1. An introduction as why they feel they should win the Award

2. Summary evidence in a key areas:

a – description of the actions taken and techniques in Moodle used to implement the project

b – statement of the learning approach taken and decisions during the rollout

c – the positive impact of the project on the learners and entry organisation

How to Enter

Confirm your intention to submit an entry by contacting the organisers on

You will then be given access to a course on our Moodle site to submit the details of your presentation. You will be able to download the form for submission of the entry.

The final date for the online submissions is Feb 13th 2014. Any entries after this date will not be accepted into this years award competition. We will confirm that we have received the entry.

Award Schedule

  • Feb 13th – Submission Deadline
  • Feb 14th – Notification of submission
  • Mar 7th – Notification of Virtual interviews
  • Mar 12,13,14 – Virtual Interviews
  • Apr 15th – Award at the Moodlemoot Gala Dinner

The Moodler of the Year awards are only open to conference attendees or colleagues who have registered for the conference and are representing them. The awards will be made at the Gala dinner.

This award was inspired by the ALT Learning Technologist of the Year award which has been running for a number of years.

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Extending Early Bird for Moodlemoot Edinburgh 2014

Due to a number of requests, we have extended the early bird registration until the end of January (Jan 31st 2014). This means you still have another few weeks to get the early bird pricing.


As you will see we have announced the Pre-Conference Workshops which take on the Monday 14th of April, so have a read of them and see if anything peeks your interest.

The Pre-Conference Workshop List is broken into different strands:

  • Badge / Gamification Strand
  • Moodle Quiz Strand
  • Moodle Developer Strand
  • Teaching with Moodle Strand
  • Extending Moodle for teaching Strand


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Moodlemoot Edinburgh 2014 – Workshops

We have a draft list of workshops that we will be running on the pre-conference day (April 14th). These are all hands on and you will need to bring you own device (laptop/notebook) to be able to participate fully in them. Full details of requirements and expectations will be made available in coming weeks.  Some will be full day and some will be half day so we hope to be able to provide more details on each in coming days.

The Pre-Conference Workshop List is broken into different strands:

  • Badge / Gamification Strand
  • Moodle Quiz Strand
  • Moodle Developer Strand
  • Teaching with Moodle Strand
  • Extending Moodle for teaching Strand

Registered users will be added to the Moodle site for the Moot where they will be able to select which workshops they want to attend. They will also be able to select their session preference when the full programme is announced closer to the date.

Badge / Gamification Strand

Open Badges Strategy  (1/2 day)
Facilitators: Carla Casilli, Director (Badge System Design + Implementation, Mozilla Foundation) and Grainne Hamilton (Advisor: e-Assessment, Jisc RSC Scotland)

Open Badges are digital credentials that earners can display anywhere on the web. They are underpinned by an open accreditation infrastructure developed by Mozilla, which enables the issuing of Open Badges to recognise achievement and attributes that may not be picked up in formal qualifications.

The Designing Open Badge Systems workshop will focus on effective Open Badge system development, introducing Mozilla and Jisc tools to support badge system design and  a strategic approach to implementing Open Badges in a formal education context.

In the first session, we explore the Open Badges Infrastructure developed by Mozilla and consider the rationale for issuing Open Badges

Session 1 (1.5 hours) – Open Badges 101

  • What are Open Badges?
  • How are they being used?
  • Why issue Open Badges? What do you want to issue badges for?
  • Issuing badges in Moodle – what do you need to consider?

Session 2 (1.5 hours) – Designing Open Badges systems to use in Moodle

  • Explore Open Badge system design tools
  • Develop the value proposition of an Open Badge and behaviours you want to encourage
  • Create the criteria and consider evidence for an Open Badge
  • Consider related badges
  • Consider badge brand

Practical Gamification of Moodle Courses (1/2 day)
Facilitators: Gavin Henrick(Learning Technology Services) , Helen Foster (Moodle HQ)

This workshop will look gamification and the various techniques that are available to Moodle course developers to gamify their course. Participants will be taken through the range of techniques

Session 1 (1.5 hours) – Gamification 101

  • What is Gamification?
  • How is it used?
  • Why use Gamification in E-learning?
  • Examples of Moodle with Gamification
  • An example Moodle course

Session 2 (1.5 hours) – Applying Gamification to Moodle

  • The Moodle Gamification Toolkit
  • Techniques you can use in Moodle by default
  • Plugins that help gamification
  • What next?

Moodle Quiz strand

Creating high-quality computer-marked assessment in Moodle (full day)
Facilitators: Tim Hunt(Open University), Mahmoud Kassaei(Open University), Mary Cooch(Moodle HQ)

Morning Sessions

In the morning, we explore what can be done with the features that are available in the standard Moodle package.

Session 1 (1.5 hours) – Creating a quiz

  • * What do we mean by high-quality assessment?
  • * How much can be automatically marked by computer?
  • * Take “An interactive tour of the Moodle Quiz”
  • * Create your first quiz

Session 2 (1.5 hours) – Creating questions – standard Moodle types

  • * What make a good question?
  • * Create a Multiple choice question
  • * Create a Short-answer question
  • * Create a numerical question
  • * Update your quiz

Afternoon Sessions

In the afternoon, we explore the possibilities opened up by the Open University’s question type add-ons.

Session 3 (1.5 hours) – Creating drag-and-drop questions

  • * Authenticity in assessment: what other question types do we need?
  • * Creating different types of drag-and-drop questions.

Session 4 (1.5 hours) – Advanced question types

Each participant may choose one of

  • - Creating pattern-match questions to automatically grade sentences.
  • - Creating variable numeric questions to grade numbers and units.
  • - Creating STACK questions, to assess mathematics.

Moodle 2 development Strand

Developing Moodle features ( full day)
Facilitator: Howard Miller (Lead Developer, E-Learn Design), Derick Turner(Director, E-Learn Design)

** Each session builds upon the previous session. Continued attendance at all sessions is preferred. **

This workshop is aimed at developers who already have done some minor Moodle changes and who understand how to set up the Moodle environment for testing. It will take attendees through developing a number of enhancements to Moodle. We will be working on Moodle 2.6 and participants will require their own development environment on their local machine or somewhere that they control remotely.

Morning Sessions

  • Session 1 – Basic “hello world” type report creating plugin structures and default requirements and linking into the Moodle menus.
  • Session 2 – Creation of the library functions which the report will use to obtain and process the data

Afternoon Sessions

  • Session 3 – Form creation to handle sorting and searching which is then used to drive the gathering of data.
  • Session 4 – Outputting the data onto the screen and handling output to various file formats for downloading.

At the end of the session the finished code will be made available.

Teaching with Moodle Strand

Moodle Masterclass for teachers ( full day)
Facilitator: Deneka  MacDonald (Director/Lead Instructional Designer, E-Learn Design),

A closer look at Book, Glossary, Lesson and Creative Formative Assessment

*** The first 2 sessions are distinct sessions with clear objectives for each. Sessions 3 and 4 build upon one another and attendance at both is required/recommended. **

Morning Sessions

  • Session 1: Book: Explore creative ways to use the Book Module in Moodle to add value to your courses.
  • Session 2: Glossary: Explore various ways in which the Glossary Module can add value to your courses.

Afternoon Sessions

  • Session 3: Lessons: Bring along your content to this introductory session and begin to plan your advanced path based Lesson for your students.
  • Session 4: Lessons: Building upon the previous session, we will continue to explore path based lessons, adding question clusters as well as illustrating how multi-media and formative learning can enhance the user experience. Users will leave with a practical finished Lesson at the end.

Extending Moodle for Teaching Strand

Morning Workshop
Moodle Add-ons – the building blocks of Moodle. (1/2 day)
Facilitator: Gavin Henrick (Learning Technology Services), Michael de Raadt (Development Manager, Moodle HQ)

This workshop is for course creators and administrators although developers will be let in too!

Now there are literally hundreds of plugins available for the Moodle admin to include in their installation should they need to do so. This workshop will provide an overview of community and commercial add-ons for Moodle and it will look at installing plugins, testing plugins, managing plugins and also upgrading plugins.

  • Participants will be brought through installing and testing many different types of plugins.
  • Participants will then be grouped and asked to address governance, responsibility and management of plugins in an organisation.
  • Participants groups will be given various tasks to complete related to researching plugins, testing them against a defined set of criteria.
  • Participants will be challenged to come up with some requirements for new plugins that support pedagogy rather than an administrative function.
  • Participants will co-create some content on the topic.

Afternoon Session
IMS LTI – Extending Moodle for teaching (1/2 day)
Facilitator:Simon Booth (University of Stirling), Stephen Vickers (IMS Global)

This half day workshop will provide you with hands-on experience of how Moodle can be extended using external LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) tools. Even if you think you know all about LTI, we hope there will be something new for you to learn. For example, in the past year there have been proposed extensions for embedding content items, discoverable LTI services, accessing data for learning analytics. So, come along and find out more.

The topics we could cover are:

  • What LTI is and what benefits it can provide for teaching
  • How to use the core functionality available within Moodle to configure and enable LTI tools
  • How to find tools which support LTI
  • What to consider when evaluating LTI Tools
  • The latest releases of LTI (1.2 and 2.0)
  • The current roadmap for LTI
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Moodlemoot Edinburgh Presentation Submission Notifications

Last week the notifications of acceptance were sent to those successful in their submission.

We would like to thank all those who submitted a proposal for the high quality of the submissions and the diversity of content. It was great to see so many proposals (over 100) from both long-term Moodle using institutions and institutions that have recently adopted Moodle.

Authors have until the end of Jan 2014 to complete registration to confirm attendance.

Authors will then need to upload the finalised presentation to our database by end of Feb as they will be preloaded into the laptops at the venue and will go live in a repository on the last day of the Moot.

The two main days of the Moodlemoot are going to be packed full of very interesting presentations spread over three streams. We will aim to publish the draft version of the Programme at the end of Jan after authors have registered. We will then finalise the programme at the end of Feb once we have the presentations submitted.

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Update on Submissions – notification of acceptance on Thursday 12th

The programme committee has completed all of the reviews. We had over 100 submissions from across the community.

We will contact all authors by Friday with notice of acceptance/rejection/required changes.

Authors will then have until end of Jan 2014 to have confirmed attendance and complete registration so we can finalise the programme then.

Authors will then need to upload the finalised presentation to our database by end of Feb as they will be preloaded into the laptops at the venue and will go live in a repository on the last day of the Moot.


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Accommodation Booking Service

Marketing Edinburgh have offer their accommodation booking service to delegates attending the Moodlemoot.

They specially negotiated rates at a selection of hotels/apartments throughout the city these cover two, three and four stars.

We will be running coaches to the Moodlemoot venue from outside the Roxburghe and also near one of the main hotels at the Royal Mile to the venue at 8:30 am on the Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday and heading back afterwards, so the accommodation options are all within walking distance of the planned pickup points. We will finalise the pickup points once we have the list of bookings that people have made.

On completion of the booking process you will receive an email confirmation to the email address you have provided. You will also be provided with a password which will be required if you wish to make changes to your personal details or change your reservation online.

Please note that the main Hotel venue for Monday welcome drinks, and Hackfest on the Thursday and Moodlemoot Office is the The Roxburghe which you can also book through this service.

Click here to see accommodation options and to make a booking


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