Wrapping up Moodle Moot 2012 and building excitement for 2013

I’m quite excited with releasing this post: Closing off the 2012 conference and starting the build up for 2013.

This post is to mark post conference publication which provides you with a variety of examples on how Moodle is used throughout Ireland and the UK. The publication contains six articles where the authors of each article volunteered to expand upon their conference presentation and share their experience in detail with you. This publication covers a wide variety of topics from optimising the layout of your Moodle course to analysing the usage of your course through Google Analytics.

Hopefully this represents the first of many publications along the same line where Moodle users from the conference produce detailed articles sharing their Moodle experience.

To download click here -> Ireland and UK Moodlemoot 2012 Publication (9150)


Best Practice in Moodle Course Design

It is widely accepted within the Moodle Community that some Moodle courses are generally more engaging, easy to navigate, and visually appealing while other Moodle courses are less so. Michelle Moore shares her experience in this article of what factors can make your Moodle course more engaging and visually appealing.

Using Moodle to manage assessments

Moodle has many features that can be used to benefit the teacher as well as the student. In this article I highlighted several ways in which Moodle can be used to manage a variety of class assignments. The topics covered include using Moodle to assess presentation skills, group work, peer evaluation and issuing feedback to students.

Investigating students perception on the use of Moodle

This paper investigates students’ perceptions of use of Moodle in language learning in a private university in Turkey. Ozlem details the results from his study and also recommends several ways to increase the use of Moodle in teaching languages.

Using Maharas e-portfolio and CV tools as a Moodle Plug-in

Dominique shares her experience from Southampton Solent University and their integration of Moodle with Mahara. The article aims to highlights how integration can improve the student experience by creating a seamless flow between the two open source tools.

Grassroots Moodle

Mitja shares his experience with introducing Moodle into his institution, rolling it out at grassroots level. The paper aims to outlines his qualitative investigation into some of the technical and organizational implications of implementing Moodle from a bottom-up approach.

The use of Google Analytics for a Moodle site and course statistics

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the research that we are conducting in the development of a tool to facilitate the use of Google Analytics with Moodle. This paper looks at the work done to help address this issue and the test of the solution on the Ireland & UK Moodlemoot Moodle site.

To download click here -> Ireland and UK Moodlemoot 2012 Publication (9150)


Dr Mark Glynn

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