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Moodlemoot UK & Ireland 2023

This year, the UK & Ireland MoodleMoot  took place in a new hybrid format on May 15th to May 17th.

Using a combination of a Moodle site, Virtual Classrooms, live streaming, and local social hubs the MoodleMoot aims to be more inclusive than before.

Draft Schedule Published

Once the schedule is confirmed (all presenters registered) we will then finalise the schedule and put it into a calendar file. If for any reason your presentation that you submitted is missing, please let us know asap.

Registration Open

Online registration with credit card is available for up to 5 tickets. We facilitate organisations that wish to register by purchase order or invoice, and pay via bank transfer where necessary.

Proposals are open

Community presentations make the Moodlemoot. You can always refine your proposal after the initial submission, so don't wait until you have written the perfect abstract. Start sharing today.​

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