Moodlemoot UK & Ireland 2020 Online

September 28-30, Worldwide.


Virtual with a Twist!

In the interest and safety of all of our Moodlers, the 2020 MOOTIEUK is switching to a fully virtual event… with a twist.

It will take place online from September 28-30, 2020 with live sessions happening on Sept 28-30th and on-demand sessions available 1 week before then for one month afterwards.

MOOTIEUK Structure

The event will involve three types of presentations: recordings, live sessions and workshops.

All standard presentations will be pre-recorded as on-demand sessions. Live sessions will include Open Mic sessions, Panel sessions and Meet the Expert sessions. There will be 90-120 minute active training workshops on different topics.

MoodleMoot Registration

Registered ticket holders and those yet to register will be issued an extra ticket for a colleague to also attend.

Each attendee will receive a personalized MoodleMoot package in the post, including a MoodleMoot T-Shirt, travel mug and other goodies.  

On Demand...

All submitted standard presentations will be pre-recorded as on-demand session and then captioned.

These recordings will then be made available for week before the Moodlemoot and for another 3 weeks after for participants to access.

All presenters will be contacted and will be shared a link to book a recording slot for themselves to do the recording. This will be done using Zoom webinar.

Live Panels

Open Mic Sessions: A set topic will be chosen and discussed with live contributions from attendees encouraged.

Panel Sessions: Presenters with similar topics will host a live panel where they will discuss their given topic and handle questions submitted by attendees.

Meet the Expert: Put your questions to a top expert in a specific Moodle area such as development, course design or training.


There will be a suite of 90 minute active workshops on different topics, with one or two facilitators coordinating the live sessions.

Keep an eye out for the workshop topics we will have them confirmed in coming week.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Find out more about Covid-19 and the current updates on the or WHO website.