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2021 UK & Ireland Moodlemoot: Day 2

Graphic showing moodlemoot logo and a desktop showing the MootIEUK sponsors, and text reading "Our highlights, Day 2 - Tuesday 11th"

Tuesday, 11th May brought the second day of the 2021 UK & Ireland Moodlemoot.

MootIEUK21 was hosted “in the cloud” using a combination of our Moodle site, Zoom Webinar, Congregate Live and Telegram to facilitate online access, live sessions and interactive networking.

Almost all presentations at MootIEUK21 were performed and recorded live via Zoom Webinar. Attendees gained access to the live webinar sessions through a singular Zoom room link for each day.

Please note: all sessions from MootIEUK were recorded and can be accessed on the site by those who have a registered email.


Day 2 kicked off with a panel discussion on ‘The Future of Online Learning’ With Mark Manning, Alistair Spark, Tim Hunt, Marcus Green and Gavin Henrick.

The closing panel discussed Accessibility, with Gavin Henrick (Brickfield Labs), Suzanne Stone (DCU), Laia J. Conet, Trevor Boland (AHEAD UDL), Jessica Bryant (My Learning Consultants) and Miranda Melcher (KCL)

Screenshot of a tweet from Ryan Hazen @MisterHazen that reads “Walking the walk in the accessibility panel at #MootIEUK21 with @ghenrick and @jess3bryant” with a screenshot of a Zoom Webinar discussion panel attached, featuring seven participants in gallery view format.
Tweet from Mark Glynn @glynnmark that reads “Ability + Barrier = Disability - a simple equation for identifying accessibility issues from @ghenrick . If we don’t put the barrier in the first place we have full inclusion - accessibility for everyone #UDLchat #MootIEUK”


The developer sessions were hosted on a separate DevJam stream, across Monday and Tuesday of the moot. All DevJam session recordings are available for viewing on the Moodlemoot site.

What our Sponsors got up to

This UK & Ireland Moodlemoot would not have happened if it wasn’t for our sponsors. To find out more and get in touch with them, you can check out their sponsor booth pages: Brickfield Education Labs, Intelliboard, Catalyst IT, Enovation, Blindside Networks , Turnitin , Moodle HQ and DCU NIDL.

  • Edel Gallagher and Dr Orna Farrell discussed how DCU adapted tutor for their students on placement amidst the pandemic in their session: Moving tutors to a different place.


The moot hashtag #MootIEUK21 gained plenty of traction on our social media throughout the 3 days!

Below are some highlights from our attendees:

Tweet from Caroline K @fireflyT800 that reads “Back in the chaos of my dining room “office” for day two of #mootieuk21 “ with a photo of the users desk point of view featuring a laptop, keyboard, screen monitor, mugs and a notebook.

Quiz night!

Moodlers regrouped during the evening time for Day 2 Quiz night (BYOM – Bring Your Own Mojitos!).