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2021 UK & Ireland Moodlemoot: Day 3

Graphic showing moodlemoot logo and a desktop showing the MootIEUK sponsors, and text reading "Our highlights, Day 3 - Wednesday 12th"

Wednesday 12th May marked the final day of the 3 day UK & Ireland Moodlemoot.

MootIEUK21 was hosted “in the cloud” using a combination of our Moodle site, Zoom Webinar, Congregate Live and Telegram to facilitate online access, live sessions and interactive networking.

Almost all presentations at MootIEUK21 were performed and recorded live via Zoom Webinar. Attendees gained access to the live webinar sessions through a singular Zoom room link for each day.

Please note: all sessions from MootIEUK were recorded and can be accessed on the site by those who have a registered email.

What our sponsors got up to

This UK & Ireland Moodlemoot would not have happened if it wasn’t for our sponsors. To find out more and get in touch with them, you can check out their sponsor booth pages: Brickfield Education Labs, Intelliboard, Catalyst IT, Enovation, Blindside Networks, Turnitin, Moodle HQ and DCU NIDL.

  • In the morning, Sander Bangma from Moodle HQ highlighted the major improvements coming in Moodle 3.11 in the session Moodle LMS 3.11/4.0- UX
  • Tish Kirkland from Catalyst IT discussed editing content using HTML in her session HTML for Absolute beginners.

  • Moodle HQ’s Mary Cooch drew on her own experiences, using Moodle to support language teaching in her presentation Teaching Languages with Moodle.

  • Gavin Henrick from Brickfield Education Labs gave a presentation on Accessibility tips for teachers.

  • In the afternoon, Turnitin’s Jamie Whitehead discussed A Year in Review: Using Gradescope to Rethink Assessment in UK Universities.

  • Tonya Riney from Intelliboard spoke on how data can create change in your organisation in her presentation Storytelling with Data: Use Your Evidence; Use it Effectively.

  • Intelliboard’s Elizabeth Dalton was up next, presenting Predictive Analytics Beyond the LMS.

  • Richard Oelmann from Catalyst IT discussed the increased pressure on institutions websites over the past year, in his presentation Load testing- just how big is your site?.

  • Enovation’s Terry Fannon presented How To Boost Learner Engagement in eLearning.

  • Fred Dixon from Blindside Networks covered practices for engaging with remote students in his presentation: Increasing Student Engagement in your Online Classes.

  • Lunch break on BigBlueButton

    During the lunch hour, Moot attendees gathered in BigBlueButton to test out the latest build of BigBlueButton 2.3!


    The moot hashtag #MootIEUK21 gained plenty of traction on our social media throughout the 3 days!

    Below are some highlights from our attendees:

    tweet from Irene O’Dowd @Irene_ODowd that reads “Excellent #MootIEUK21 presentation this morning by @fmckeagney Lovro Boljat and @jstaunton on the @HiberniaCollege VLE redesign and putting student experience at the centre of VLE design. And Howl’s Moving Castle! (or perhaps Moodling Castle?) #usercentreddesign #VLE #moodle” with a screenshot image attached of a Zoom webinar presentation in speaker view showing the presenter and their presentation slides.
    Tweet from @aspark21 reading “Nice way to finish an intensive 3 day conference? Sunset walk on the beach #MootIEUK21 Sand or pebbles next year? With photograph of sunset on the beach.
    Tweet from Sam Taylor @samwisefox that reads “Congratulations @ghenrick and team for putting on a wonderful @MootIEUK conference. This has been the best online conference experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Lots to reflect on and look forward to in the world of @moode in future releases #MootIEUK21 #Moodle” with a cheers GIF attached

    Coffee Break on Congregate Live

    Tweet from Jasmin Hodge @jmdh22 that reads “@MootIEUK great fun in coffee break at #MootIEUK #MootIEUK21 #MoooodleCow still alive and kicking and with new friends @tim_hunt #FeedForward” with an attached image of a webcam meeting with 5 participants on Congregate Live.

    Closing Panel

    After a long three days filled with presentations, tweeting, live panel discussions and virtual coffee chats, the closing panel session drew MootIEUK21 to a close featuring several attendees coming together to share their thoughts and insights from the past 3 days.

    Screenshot of Zoom Webinar showing 7 participants in gallery view format.