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MootIEUK23 – Online and Local

    MootIEUK23 - Online and Local

    Hi all,

    So where is the UK and Ireland going to be run this year?

    That’s a good question, it’s going to be primarily online with some regional hubs.

    We had a good look for a venues and pricing and looked at hotel prices which are still very inflated due to the impact of the pandemic, war, and Brexit which would have made tickets to the event way too high. Hopefully the impact of some of these will reduce because I really want to run a face-to-face event.

    However, I had read about a format which combined online and local and we think it may work so we’re going to give it a try.  Funnily enough I know of this happening already at the US Moodlemoot and at prior online events – so this is probably just formalising the approach.

    Online and Local – So how in practice is it going to work?

    Attendees are going to register and sign up for the online conference and presenters will do the presentation centrally online.

    This format will cater for those who would like an in-person event, and those who would like to access it online, there are many who have come to the online Moots over the last few years who never went to any in-person MoodleMoots because they didn’t provide a remote option or a part-time engagement option.

    In addition to this, Academic or other institutions can apply to be a local MoodleMoot Hub where registered attendees can come together to watch the streams of the presentations and socialise during the breaks – buying their tea/coffee and lunch together in the local canteen/cafe.

    They can also coordinate between themselves to go to a pub or restaurant in the evening to do some post event socialising too.  As these are local travel costs and your carbon footprint are greatly reduced. There are no planes and no hotel costs when you’re just traveling to the next city.

    Registration will be the same as the online conference and people will just pay for their own tea coffee lunch sandwiches etc themselves at the local hub, if they go to one, should one be available nearby, because there will be a limited number to provide a valuable experience for attendees.

    After people have registered, they will then be able to select a local hub that has a space near them to attend in that way should they wish to.

    So the process for an attendee at MoodleMoot will be as follows.

    1. Register for Moodlemoot
    2. See if there is a Academic Hub nearby
    3. See if it has space available.
    4. Sign yourself in

    How will it work for Hubs?

    Academic or other Institutions who have suitable rooms for hosting local hubs, will be able to apply to be a hub. This requires commitment that they will be able to not only host their own staff, but also a number of others who sign up for their hub.

    They don’t need to provide food / coffee, just access to a canteen/cafes/etc at/near the venue so that those attending can go buy stuff!

    If for example a location had two training rooms (there will be 2 streams) that could accommodate 30 people in each and they were able to make 15 spaces in each room available to non-staff, then they would be able to apply for hub status and get up to 10 tickets free for their own staff.

    We will release full details about the Hub application process later in week. Not every venue will be accepted as a Hub, so apply early.

    So that is that!

    The MootIEUK23 will be online with local hubs where possible.

    Thanks for reading.