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Meet our sponsors: Brickfield Education Labs

    At Brickfield Education Labs, we provide an integrated compliance platform for your LMS to provide a more effective and inclusive learning delivery by helping institutions manage accessibility and usability of their course materials.

    The Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit enables institutions to find the issues in their web content of their Moodle LMS, fix the issues using wizards and future proof their course content for students and teachers. This creates a more inclusive environment reducing the stress on students and staff alike.

    We work in partnership with institutions to help target improvements for a managed rollout of improved accessibility and usability processes.

    Have you attended a Moodle Moot before?

    Gavin and Karen have attended Moodle Moots all around the world!

    Gavin, the CEO of Brickfield Education Labs has worked within the Moodle community for more than 14 years with Moodle Partners, Moodle HQ in addition to running the UK & Ireland Moodlemoot for most of the last decade. He has helped in the organisation and planning of Moodle Moots in Australia, UK and the US.

    This is our first time sponsoring #MootIEUK and as an Irish organization, we’re all very excited.

    What is the title of your presentations at this year’s Moot?

    At #MootIEUK20, we will be presenting:

    • The relativity of some WCAG accessibility standards – they’re not always purely black and white (contrast)!
    • Making badge awarding easier!
    • Top Tips for Accessible Content.

    Give us a brief description of what to look forward to.

    We will be sharing some of our most essential and impacting tips for creating accessible content. Based on WCAG2.1 standards and industry best practice, we hope these tips will encourage all digital content creators and users to be mindful of the benefits to all users when content is created with accessibility in mind. We will share some of our research and help you in understanding the range of WCAG standards and their implementations!

    Why have you chosen to present this topic?

    We are passionate about creating inclusive and accessible content for all. We want to educate teachers about accessibility standards when creating course content so that all students will have the same access to online education.

    As the largest open source platform in the world, Moodle has over 100 million registered users. We want to highlight the importance of creating content that can be accessible to all of those users. We aim to ensure that accessibility is at the forefront of online learning and course creation and hope to share our knowledge with you!

    Share with us one tool or technique you or your client implemented while using Moodle which has benefited you and your organisation!

    We have implemented a course-wide user group creator within Moodle, using CSV upload. This is a very accessible workflow for teachers, especially for those who need to use Assistive Technology, as they can create their user upload data in their prefered application, upload the CSV file, and voilà, all the course groups and groupings have been created for them!