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Platinum Sponsor - Brickfield Education Labs

Enhancing the Building Blocks of Effective Education

Brickfield Education Labs provides an integrated compliance platform for your LMS to provide a more effective and inclusive learning delivery by helping institutions manage the accessibility and usability of course materials.
Using our integrated platform will help reduce costs with productivity gains from happier instructors who can focus more on the subject of their content whilst knowing the system is ensuring it is okay. It will create a more inclusive environment reducing the stress on students who can access the content the way they need.
We provide a platform – the Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit, and consulting for organisations who want to take ownership of their teaching and learning content with improved accessibility and usability. Come join us and see how we can help your learning be more inclusive.
Find the issues in your Moodle content.
Fix known issues and provide alternatives.
Futureproof your teacher and student content with an improved platform and process

Build an effective and inclusive teaching and learning platform

Find, Fix and Futureproof your Moodle courses.