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Academic Sponsor - Dublin City University

Dublin City University: National Institute for Digital Learning

As Ireland’s university of transformation, Dublin City University (DCU) is pleased to be a sponsor of this year’s event. The National Institute for Digital Learning (NIDL) located at DCU aims to be a world leader at the forefront and leading edge of new blended, on-line and digital (BOLD) models of education. We have a mission of transforming lives and societies by exploring new BOLD and innovative approaches to teaching, learning and assessment for better and more sustainable futures–for all.

The NIDL is committed to providing strategic leadership, building strong communities of innovation, and enabling and contributing to world-class transformative research. We are known for our leadership in the use of both Moodle and Mahara, and the NIDL team is committed to promoting greater access to university-level education through new learning pathways such as DCU Connected. Our staff are highly regarded for their research expertise and considerable practical experience, and play major leadership roles in leading national and international professional bodies.