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Day 3 Recap - #MootIEUK22 

Wednesday 11th of May brought the final day of the 2022 UK & Ireland Moodlemoot.

Each presentation and workshop from MootIEUK22 was recorded live via Zoom Webinar. 

Please note: all recordings can now be accessed on the MootIEUK22 community site by those who have a registered email.

Access the recordings 

Day 3 of the UK & Ireland Moodlemoot was jam packed with short presentations, long presentations and workshops from the whole community. All of these were recorded and can be accessed on the community platform. 

Workshops on Day 3

On Stream 2, Suzanne Stone and Rob Lowney hosted a 50 minute workshop titled ‘UDL, Moodle and Me.’

Suzanne and Rob discussed Universal Design for Learning with Moodle, using their experience in Dublin City University. 

As shown in the screenshot below, Suzanne and Rob finished with a cartoon by Micheal Giangreco sharing the message that ‘Clearing a path for people with special needs clears a path for everyone”

Suzanne and Rob present on Zoom webinar

Academic Integrity and Moodle Panel 

Day 3 concluded with a lively hour long panel discussion about Academic Integrity and Moodle – Using Moodle to pro-actively tackle academic integrity.

Joining Gavin Henrick was Mark Glynn from DCU, Sheila McDonald from the Limerick Education Training Board, Chris Nelson from the Open University, Aurelie Soulier from University College London, and Sam Taylor from Catalyst IT.

Here’s what was discussed: 

  • How do you define academic integrity and where do you see it fit in Moodle?
  • What are the most important tools you need in order to improve academic integrity? Reporting? Plagiarism detection? Proctoring? Something else?
  • What features can you use in Moodle to promote academic integrity?
  • What examples would you have to illustrate how assessment can be designed to promote academic integrity?

    Registered attendees can watch the full recording on the community platform. 

  • A Huge Thank You!

    We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended this year’s UK & Ireland Moodlemoot. We appreciate everyone who attended, presented and sponsored this year’s MootIEUK. 

    We would not have been able to do it without you! Looking forward to seeing you all in person in 2023.