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Meet our sponsors: Enovation

    Enovation Solutions

    Enovation has been providing eLearning solutions for enterprise, organisations and educational institutions for almost 20 years. Committed to being more than an eLearning solutions provider, Enovation guides you to define and implement a bespoke online learning experience, that will guarantee your learners’ engagement and have a positive impact on your organisation.Team Enovation have unrivaled technology expertise, together with innovative learning, performance and talent management solutions.

    We pride ourselves on being one of the longest standing Moodle Partners in Ireland with a strong team of Moodle experts. Our partnership with Moodle has enabled us to create powerful, flexible and robust learning experiences for clients across numerous industries. You can find out more here.

    Have you attended a Moodle Moot before?

    Yes we have! We have attended a number of Moot events over the last few years both regional and global- we are looking forward to the virtual event this year!

    What is the title of your presentations at this year’s Moot? Give us a brief description of what to look forward to.

    As platinum sponsors of the Enovation will be facilitating a number of workshops, sessions, talks and open discussions including:

    Learning in the Workplace Workshop – 4 x90 min sessions

    Topics covered are as followed:

    – Moodle Workplace

    – Designing courses for soft skills

    – Onboarding

    – HR integrations

    MEC Session with Vaida Holohan, eLearning consultant at Enovation and Mary Cooch, Moodle Education Manager: Keep an eye out for further details coming soon…

    Scaling Moodle for large implementations with Tomek Muras, Technical Lead at Enovation: During this session, Tomek will discuss issues we’ve encountered during “big” Moodle installations and more importantly, some solutions and lessons learnt.

    Microsoft Teams Discussion with project lead, Oswaldo Rojas:
    Oswaldo Rojas will demonstrate the integration between Microsoft Teams and Moodle showing how enrolments are synchronised and how a students/teachers course can be accessed within a teams tab. We will also demonstrate the chatbot functionality.

    Client Case Study with Gary Mahon from Enovation and Michael Mooney From SOLAS:
    This discussion will centre around how Moodle is used across the entire further education sector in Ireland with more than 130 separate Moodle instances. Discuss the integration aspects between a national management system (PLSS) and each Moodle using the concept of the Moodle Federation.

    Product Focus, Knowledge Hub with Terry Fannon, Senior Solution Consultant:
    Terry will demonstrate Enovation’s new LXP offering which allows organisations to track structured learning as well as giving users access to untracked learning pulled from disparate sources. Comprehensive search capability allows users to search across the entire site.

    Project Insight with Enovation’s Gary Mahon and Maebh Coleman from TU Dublin-Supporting the Irish Health Sector during COVID-19: €1M Value Unlocked by Online Remote Work Qualification: When the Irish health sector was suddenly required to work-from-home Enovation and Technological University – Dublin had to work fast to offer an innovative training solution based on Moodle to assist staff in the sector adjust to this new way of working.

    Future-Proofing Your Workforce with Dr. Mark Melia:
    Moodle Workplace integrated with Aura Talent: Change is the only constant in an organisation, that’s why businesses need to ensure their employees keep up with the increasing pace by upskilling and reskilling their workforce. This is mission-critical for Enovation who have developed an entire Career Pathing and Upskilling Platform, Aura Talent, which integrates with Moodle Workplace, in order to connect learning and skills for a greater business impact.<p> 

    Why have you chosen to present this topic?

    We have decided to present the above topics because they reflect the achievements and progress we have made as a company over the past year. In addition, we have been working hard during COVID-19 to ensure our client’s satisfaction. 2020 has been a busy year so far and we are proud to showcase some of the work that has been produced by our team during such pressurised times.

    Share with us one tool or technique you or your client implemented while using Moodle which has benefited you and your organisation!

    Enovation teamed up with Microsoft to further develop the Office 365 suite of plugins with the integration of Moodle with Microsoft Teams. The Office 365 suite of Moodle plugins provides integration with a wide variety of Office 365 services for Moodle. By integrating the two platforms, Microsoft aims to increase the productivity of teachers and students by synchronising login credentials, improving calendar management, course content creation and more.During the Moot, Oswaldo Rojas will discuss this project in-depth. Be sure to have any questions ready for him!