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Here is the 2021 UK & Ireland Moodlemoot Schedule !

Photo of women holding an iPad smiling and waving to others with moodlemoot 2021 logo in bottom left corner

Great news: the 2021 UK & Ireland Moodlemoot schedule is here! Check out what’s coming up.

With less than one week to go, we are looking forward to 3 days of collaborating and sharing e-learning ideas, live sessions, and plenty of networking opportunities with other educators and developers at the 2021 Online UK & Ireland Moodlemoot.

The 2021 MootIEUK will take place online on May 10th, 11th and 12th.

MootIEUK21 will be hosted “in the cloud” using a combination of our Moodle site, Zoom Webinar, Congregate Live and Telegram to facilitate online access, live sessions and interactive networking.

Picked up your ticket for the UK & Ireland Moodlemoot yet?

Registration is open until May 7! Register on our site.

Here’s a quick sneak peak of what’s lined up for panels of discussion at MootIEUK21…

• Competencies and Learning Outcomes

• Badges and Microcredentials

• Future of Online Learning

• Accessibility

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