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Hub Announcements


    As already announced, this years Ireland and UK Online Moodlemoot has a new experiemental aspect, to support the online event whilst encouraging a local engagement for institutions who can facilitate social gatherings.

    Academic institutions were invited to apply to be a local hub where their staff could gather rather than sit at their desks, whilst offering the option to other nearby registered attendees to join them on the day, for coffees, lunch and networking.

    We are delighted to announce three Hubs so far:

    1. Dublin City University
    2. University of Helsinki
    3. Technological University of the Shannon (Athlone Campus)

    Information will be shared with the attendees nearby who wish to avail of the hubs, in the coming weeks.

    We have had some approaches from UK based institutions, but so far none have been able to confirm. If you want to know more, then have a look at the Local Hub Page and Application Form.

    People gathering around a campfire at night.