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Meet our sponsors: Hubble Studios

    Hubble Studios Logo

    Hubble Studios was founded in 2012 to develop custom online education content and technology that would maximise learning impact and serve the missions of our partner institutions, foundations and clients. Our teams of expert learning designers, creatives and software engineers work together to create bespoke ed-tech solutions. Whether it is simulating laboratory experimentation for high school students, teaching management skills to world-leaders, or supporting a whole faculty to move online, we deliver innovative learning tools for every challenge.

    Have you attended a Moodle Moot before?

    Various team members at Hubble Studios have attended Moodle Moots, but this is our first year sponsoring. We’re excited!

    What is the title of your presentations at this year’s Moot?

    We have a few presentations this year:

    Supporting your Moodle platform

    Web content accessibility: Designing and developing for inclusivity

    Leadership beyond the C-suite

    Understanding learning design in context of the whole learning journey

    Give us a brief description of what to look forward to.

    As a problem-led organisation, we work with a range of diverse clients across a number of contexts, and our talks distil our best learnings from these experiences to be shared with you.

    Why have you chosen to present this topic?

    All four topics are relevant to those trying to roll out online education at the moment. Moodle is an incredibly powerful learning platform, and it’s important to understand the operational and human realities in rolling it out as a system across a large number of users and to know how to measure success when you do so.

    From an accessibility perspective, with so much learning moving online, it’s more important than ever to ensure equitable access for learners. We want to make it easier for educators to design inclusive online learning experiences and for learners to access quality online education.

    Share with us one tool or technique you or your client implemented while using Moodle which has benefited you and your organization!

    We’ve worked closely with an online university over several years to extend their Moodle instance to manage very complex learner journeys, from enrolment to graduation. We have built unique functionality to bring more sophistication to how they manage and progress multiple cohorts across the phases of their master’s-level degree programme. This involved developing several large custom plugins that touched just about every major aspect of the LMS.