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Interactive Sessions for Online Learning from MootIEUK20!

This blog post revisits three of the popular sessions under the topic ‘Creating Interactive Activities’ recorded for The UK & Ireland Moodlemoot, 2020.

Inside your Students’ Brain

Study vs Learn: How do students learn best, hence how can you teach them effectively? This session was presented by Wooclap, gold sponsors of the 2020 UK & Ireland Moodlemoot.

In the above session, Annalies covered the 3 winning strategies to learn efficiently based on research and what we and our teachers observed in the classrooms where Wooclap is used. Wooclap is an interactive platform used by more than 200,000 teachers to boost classroom engagement through the use of smartphones. The platform is built on the latest cognitive science discoveries and studies of different pedagogical practices in order to maximize information retention and enhance the impact of learning in a face-to-face course.

WIRIS Quizzes in Moodle for Enhanced STEM Assessment

This session was presented by David Lancefield from Bright Sparks Learning.

Bright Sparks Learning is a Moodle startup offering physics based teaching resources, revision material and practice assessments to schools and individual students. In this session David covers assessment in the “new normal”, STEM requirements – Physics examples, examples of WIRIS quiz question features, synchronous and asynchronous assessment and outstanding issues. WIRIS was a gold sponsor for the 2020 Moodlemoot.

Rolling out embedded questions at the open university: is this a repeatable recipe for success?

This session was hosted by Chris Nelson and Tim Hunt from The Open University.

In this session, a developer and a product manager from The Open University gave their perspectives on working together to improve the teaching and learning experience for students and teachers. At the 2019 Moodlemoot, they shared a new feature embedding Moodle questions anywhere in your learning materials. Since then, they have been rolling this out to teachers and staff who have embraced it enthusiastically. They speak about what contributed to this success, and what they would do differently next time.

These were just a few of some of the great sessions from the first online UK & Ireland Moodlemoot. Have something you would like to add? MootIEUK21 will happen from May 10 – 12 this year! Registration to attend MootIEUK21 & submission to present are now open. Come join us and be a part of it all!