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Introducing ONLYOFFICE


    We are pleased to interview our sponsor, ONLYOFFICE, to see how they are looking forward to our upcoming Moodlemoot and to engaging with our attendees!

    MootIEUK: Who are you and how does your company help your clients?

    ONLYOFFICE: ONLYOFFICE is an open-source project created and maintained by an international team of developers and volunteer contributors. Our mission is to provide our users with the most advanced document processing tools based on the latest technology trends.

    The jewel in the crown of our project is ONLYOFFICE Docs, an all-in-one online office suite for text documents, spreadsheets presentations, fillable forms and PDF files, which can be integrated with various cloud storage solutions and document management platforms. Such integration allows users to create a collaborative environment where they can edit and co-author documents in a safe manner.

    When it comes to the ONLYOFFICE and Moodle integration, our connector enables educators and students to work with office files within the interface of the e-learning platform. It’s possible to attach documents, spreadsheets and presentations to Moodle courses, open and edit them according to the access permissions granted by the file owner. Another way to use ONLYOFFICE Docs in Moodle is to create fillable forms in the Attachment module to enable file submissions and collect answers from students in a centralised way.

    Apart from education, the ONLYOFFICE solutions are highly demanded in such fields as science and research, government, finance and manufacturing. More than 10 million people all over the world use our software, and this number is growing.

    MootIEUK: Have you attended a Moodle Moot before?

    ONLYOFFICE: No, we haven’t. We have always been interested in making a connection with the Moodle community, and this year we are taking part in several Moodle events all over the world, including Moodlemoot Ireland and UK 2023. Hopefully, it will be a valuable experience both for our project and all Moodle enthusiasts.

    MootIEUK: What is the title of your presentation(s) at this year’s Moot? Give us a brief description of what to look forward to.

    ONLYOFFICE: As a gold sponsor of the event, we are going to give two presentations and a live workshop.

    The first presentation entitled “How to work on documents in Moodle using ONLYOFFICE Docs” will give you a general overview of our project and its integration with the platform. You will learn how to work on office documents for educational purposes using our online office suite.

    The name of the second presentation created in collaboration with our customers is “How ONLYOFFICE and Moodle help Collège-Lycée Sacré Cœur de Taravao (Tahiti) ensure digital equality for its students”. This presentation is dedicated to a real use case. You will learn how the staff of an educational centre in Tahiti uses the ONLYOFFICE and Moodle integration to organise an effective educational process for their teachers and students.

    Finally, we are going to hold a 30-minute workshop in the mainstream. Its name is “Automating assignment preparation and submissions in Moodle with ONLYOFFICE forms”. During the workshop, you will learn more about the ONLYOFFICE integration with Moodle and how you can use ONLYOFFICE forms to create assignments, collect information from students and evaluate their progress in a centralised way.

    MootIEUK: Why have you chosen to present this topic?

    ONLYOFFICE: We have decided to present the above topics to build rapport with the Moodle community and make our project noticeable to users and tech enthusiasts. We do provide reliable document processing tools that can help Moodle educators to create a secure collaborative environment for effective learning activities.

    MootIEUK: Share with us one tool or technique you or your client implemented while using Moodle which has benefited you and your organisation!

    ONLYOFFICE: We have been working on our integration app for Moodle for some time. Now it’s available in the official Moodle plugin directory. Using this app, you can integrate your Moodle platform with our open-source online office suite and enable real-time document collaboration and editing. We invite everyone to watch our presentations and take part in our workshop during the Moodlemoot to find out more about the benefits of our software for Moodle users.