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Introducing Wooclap


    MootIEUK 23:  Who are you and how does your company help your clients?

    Wooclap:  Wooclap is an interactive tool to engage students during live and remote courses with 18 different questions and activity types (Word Cloud, MCQ, Brainstorming, Find on Image, Poll, Sorting, …).

    It was developed in collaboration with neuroscientists, learning technologists, and teachers to maximize information retention and enhance learning during classes.

    Wooclap is compatible with all teaching models (traditional, synchronous, asynchronous, distance, hybrid, HyFlex…) and integrates with many tools that teachers use on a daily basis (Moodle, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Genially, Microsoft Teams…).

    More than 1,5 million teachers and hundreds of higher education institutions all around the world already use Wooclap to improve student engagement and turn them into actors of their learning.

    MootIEUK 23:  Have you attended a Moodle Moot before?

    Wooclap: Throughout the year we participate in various online and offline Moodle Moot events around the world to meet and exchange with the Moodle community.

    MootIEUK 23:  What is your favorite aspect of a Moodlemoot?

    Wooclap: We love these events as it’s the perfect occasion to discover new usages, new pedagogical approaches and meet new people. It’s also a great time to meet our partners, the higher education institutions that use Wooclap to power their courses.

    MootIEUK 23:  Do you have a company highlight from the past 12 months?

    Wooclap: Last year was a great year for Wooclap, we developed several features that were highly anticipated by our partners such as the whiteboard, adding sound to a question and the team mode.

    We also celebrated 4 years of Wooclap integration with Moodle, allowing Wooclap to be used without leaving the Moodle platform and allowing for simplified authentication of participants and synchronization of results to ensure better tracking.

    MootIEUK 23:  Share with us one tool or technique you or your client has implemented while using Moodle which has benefited them and their organization!

    Wooclap: Many teachers appreciate the fact that they can transfer content from Moodle to Wooclap, and vice versa.

    Indeed, before using Wooclap they sometimes have questions that already exist on Moodle, but they want to use Wooclap because they can do different question types and go further in active pedagogy.

    Instead of having to re-create these questions, they can export them and then import the file into their Wooclap account. Thanks to Moodle’s question export feature, they save time and don’t have to recreate a new course! In the same way they can export Wooclap questions to Moodle.

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