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iSpring Solutions – Gold Sponsor

Ispring Logo with a circle pattern of colour rectangles, red, orange, yellow, cyan, light blue, dark blue, purple and red.Don’t miss: for all participants of our session we offer a 15% discount on our flagship products. Turn your PowerPoint presentations into engaging courses for Moodle. This will save you tons of time and win your students over! iSpring Suite is the same PowerPoint but tailored to online education. It transforms your presentations into interactive courses with insightful assessments, video lectures, and interactions (FAQs, timelines, catalogues, etc.). And if you have a Word or PDF doc, iSpring Suite will turn it into a high-quality eBook.

The courses you create with iSpring Suite work perfectly in Moodle. In fact, these tools work as a powerful bundle: iSpring courses engage, educate, and assess students, while Moodle checks their work and shows you the grades.

All content created with iSpring Suite automatically adjusts to the screen size of students’ devices, making your presentations look their very best every time. Besides, there’s an accessibility mode that adjusts each slide and quiz question for students with visual impairments. All you need to do to switch this mode on is click a single button!

iSpring works to facilitate effective online education that both provides students with deep knowledge and lets teachers spend minimal time developing courses and checking work. That’s why iSpring offers a unique deal for educators: iSpring Suite + an in-depth video course, “How to Create an Interactive Online Course.”

This course will teach you how to use iSpring Suite like a pro, provide you with all the theory and models needed to teach students online, and will give you the opportunity to put theory into practice and receive detailed feedback from an experienced online education specialist.

We are providing a special offer to attendants of the MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2023 conference: 

  1. iSpring Suite Max + A video course “How to Create an Interactive Online Course” PRO for 15% off
  2. iSpring Suite Max (per author/year) 10% off
  3. A video course “How to Create an Interactive Online Course” PRO 10% off

Learn more about iSpring Suite and the video course by clicking on the button below

Session: How to Make Your Online Courses More Engaging

Anna PoliWe invite you to join our presentation “How to Make Your Online Courses More Engaging,” by Anna Poli, instructional designer at iSpring.

Date and time of our session: May 16, Tuesday, 10:30 AM

She will review actual courses created by our customers and share life hacks on how to make them even more engaging.

Whether you’re an experienced eLearning specialist or are about to start, after this presentation you will be able to:

  • Plan out course content more efficiently
  • Ensure effective messaging to learners
  • Upgrade your design skills
  • Speed up course development

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