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Local Academic Hubs for #MootIEUK23

Being a local academic hub for #MootIEUK23 is a light touch high value way to get involved with this year’s UK and Ireland MoodleMoot.

Institutions who have the suitable rooms for having local academic hubs, will be able to apply to be a hub. This requires commitment that they will be able to not only host their own staff, but also a number of others who sign up for their hub.

Hubs dont need to provide food / coffee, just access to a canteen/cafes/etc nearby that those attending can go buy stuff!

If for example  a university had two training rooms (there will be 2 streams) that could accommodate 30 people in each.  If they were to make 15 in each available to non staff, then they would be able to apply for hub status and when they buy 5 tickets, get 10 tickets free for their own staff.

What does a Hub need?

  • 2 training rooms, 20-30 person capacity each at least and willing to have half of the spaces for non staff.
  • Facilities to enable sharing the live streaming video and audio to these rooms.
  • Tea and coffee facilities and lunch facility for attendees to buy (canteen, or cafe?)
  • Potential post event networking venues nearby- you don’t have to organise this, it should happen organically

Local Hub Application Form

Please provide details on the rooms available, size, and setup: e.g. 2 training rooms, theatre style, large projector and speakers... next door to canteen!

Contact Details