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Meet our MootIEUK21 sponsors: Turnitin

gradescope by Turnitin Moodlemoot sponsor graphic

Who are you and how does your company help your clients?

Turnitin actively partners with educators and institutions to enhance academic integrity and excellence through formative tools and educational resources that engage students in the writing process, provide personalised feedback, and assess student progress over time. Turnitin’s leading solutions are used by more than 30 million students at 15,000 institutions across 140 countries.

Turnitin ensures a comprehensive approach to education and research integrity through data-based originality validation, computer code similarity checking, and authorship verification. As the academic and research integrity landscape evolves, we stay ahead of trends through advancements in technology and deep partnerships with education leaders, institutions, and practitioners.

Turnitin also promotes honesty, consistency, and fairness across all assignment types and subject areas so that educators can help students do their best, original work. Our modern assessment capabilities ensure integrity through the entire assessment lifecycle—creation, submission, grading and feedback, and analysis, regardless of the teaching setting. We see assessment with integrity as rich opportunities for students to reflect on their performance and for educators to improve instruction.

Turnitin is proud to be a Certified Moodle Integration Partner. With a relationship spanning over sixteen years, our integration with Moodle gives our joint users a rich, cohesive user experience.

Have you attended a Moodle Moot before?

Yes! We are regular Moodlemoot attendees and presenters. We love connecting with a range of enthusiastic Moodle users from around the globe—whether they happen to be Turnitin customers too or simply interested in discussing our solutions. The team is excited to attend another Moodlemoot to hear best practices, insights, and tips from other organisations and educators on their innovative use of Moodle in education.

What is the title of your presentation(s) at this year’s Moot?

At this year’s Moodlemoot, Jamie Whitehead, Product Success Manager for Gradescope by Turnitin, will be delivering two 30-minute sessions focusing on digital assessment. Join us for both of these sessions to understand exactly how Gradescope can help with the challenges of online assessment:

  • Scaling Your Impact: Meaningful Feedback and Assessment with Gradescope
  • A Year in Review: Using Gradescope to Rethink Assessment in UK Universities
Jamie has worked closely with UK HEI’s over the last few years, helping them to meet their strategic goals with the use of Turnitin solutions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Give us a brief description of what to look forward to.

In 2020, educators were forced to handle the logistics of moving assessment online and deal with an uncertain and challenging year of hybrid learning. In the last year, we’ve helped academic staff at a number of top UK universities successfully redesign their modules for online teaching by leveraging Gradescope in their assessment practices.

Join us for our two 30-minute sessions as we share the success stories of our UK customers and how they’ve maintained a consistent and coordinated level of grading without sacrificing their time—especially with paper-based work.

Why have you chosen to present this topic?

As educators continue to tackle the shift to a blended teaching environment and students crave high-quality, timely feedback, we want to share how Gradescope can help to accelerate the feedback loop, digitise paper assessment, and increase grading efficiency, all whilst upholding pedagogical best practices.

When assessment pairs feedback with data-driven teaching, educators have the opportunity to positively impact student learning. Our aim is to show educators that this is now even more accessible than ever—whatever the subject matter, teaching setting, or testing format.

At Turnitin, we understand that educators are still hard at work adjusting to remote learning after the upheaval caused by the pandemic. However, with our tools, teachers can deliver more assessment opportunities in less time—a necessity when teaching at a distance.

We strive to partner with institutions to provide the best possible solutions for their instructors and students.

Share with us one tool or technique you or your client implemented while using Moodle which has benefited you and your organisation!

We are proud to offer our customers a seamless integration between Gradescope and Moodle to enrich the assessment experience. Institutions can leverage the Moodle/Gradescope integration to pass their course information to Gradescope, which in turn, allows for simple assignment setup and student access. With Gradescope integrated directly into Moodle, this helps instructors return grades to students quickly.

To learn more about Gradescope by Turnitin or any of Turnitin’s integrity solutions, you can visit our website which hosts a catalogue of educational resources.

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