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Meet the Moodle HQ Team at MootIEUK

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Meet our Gold Sponsor for this year’s UK & Ireland Moodlemoot: Moodle HQ. Here is what to expect for the Moodle HQ team at the 2021 MootIEUK.

Martin Dougiamas: Keynote Speaker

Video Transcript

Hello, I am Martin Dougiamas, the founder and CEO of Moodle. You’re gonna see me and I’m gonna see you at the Moodlemoot Ireland and UK in May. You’ll see me at some keynotes, I’ll be at some panels, I’ll be around! You will probably have lots of questions about all the really cool new stuff that’s going on, Moodle 4.0 is coming later this year with a radical interface overhaul, Moodle Net will finally be out and be a real thing, we’ve got Moodle Academy launching now being led by your friend and mine Jessica Gramp! We have a tonne of other new things to talk about, so see you there, don’t be square…Okay be square!

Sander Bangma: Moodle LMS 3.11/4.0 - UX

Video Transcript

Hi everyone my name is Sander Bangma and I am a product manager for Moodle LMS. I will present on the Moodle 3.11 release, and will take a look at what’s coming in Moodle 4.0. I look forward to seeing you at the 2021 UK and Ireland Moodlemoot in May, I’ll see you there.

Paul Holden: Moodle Workplace report builder - Dev Workshop

Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Paul Holden, and I work as a senior developer on the Moodle Workplace team. I am presenting about report builder, our work towards integrating this into the next release and how you as fellow developers will be able to start using it. I am looking forward to attending the 2021 UK & Ireland Moodlemoot this May and I hope to see you there.

Dani Palou: Moodle Apps - Ionic5 - Dev Workshop

Video Transcript

Hello everyone, I am Dani Palou one of the developers of the apps team in Moodle HQ. And I will be at the UK & Ireland Moodlemoot where I will be do a presentation about how to adapt your plug-ins to bionic 5, so that they work in the next version of the Moodle App. I am looking forward to attending the 2021 UK & Ireland Moodlemoot this May, see you there.

Juan Leyva: Moodle App and BMA for 2021

Video Transcript

Hi there! This is Juan, from the Moodle Apps team. I am looking forward to seeing you at the UK & Ireland Moodlemoot where I will talk about the future of the Moodle App. Adios! See you there.

Mary Cooch: Teaching Languages with Moodle

Video Transcript

Hello! Bonjour! Dobrý Den! Guten Tag! I am Mary Cooch, Education Manager at Moodle and I’m looking forward to the UK & Ireland Moodlemoot this May, where I am going to be presenting on: Teaching languages with Moodle. See you there!

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