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Meet the Turnitin Team at MootIEUK

gradescope by Turnitin Moodlemoot sponsor graphic

Meet our Gold Sponsor for this year’s UK & Ireland Moodlemoot: Turnitin. Here is what to expect for the Turnitin team at the 2021 MootIEUK.

Jamie Whitehead: Scaling Your Impact - Meaningful Feedback and Assessment with Gradescope

A Year in Review: Using Gradescope to Rethink Assessment in UK Universities

Video Transcript

Hi my name is Jamie Whitehead and I work for Turnitin as a Gradescope Product Success Manager. I’ll be hosting two sessions at Moodlemoot where you can find out more about Gradescope and the impact that it’s had at numerous UK universities. One session will look at the gradescope product, it’s a feedback and assessment platform that allows you to deliver all types of assignments and exams in person, remotely or in a hybrid scenario. The second session will look at the experience of a number of UK Universities in the last year, who’ve reported huge time savings and efficiencies by using Gradescope. I’m looking forward to being at the Moodlemoot 2021, and I’ll see you there!

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