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Message from Sponsor – Enovation

Message from Sponsor - Enovation

Hi Moodlers,

It was great to connect with you at this year’s Moot.

As you may remember we had a number of workshops lightning presentations and 30-minute talks including

  • Moodle 4.0 Workshop: Deborah Couëdelo
  • Learning at the speed of change: Moodle’s place in a VUCA world. Mark Melia
  • Moodle 4 Key Features. Deborah Couëdelo
  • Known password check. Tomasz Muras
  • atingi: a global digital platform of real scale (and versatility). Ciaran O’Connell, Dominic Orr, GIZ
  • The importance of Cognitive Psychology for better learning. – A quick guide to the science behind better outcomes- David Kerrigan

We also took part in two panel discussions:

  • Panel: How to evaluate the success or lack of success of a new plugin feature? – Tomek Muras
  • Panel: Upgrading Moodle (Moodle 4.0) – different approaches – Deborah Couëdelo

You will be able to view a recording of all of our presentations in our Sponsor space.

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Moodle 4.0: New-look, better user experience.

Moodle has a new personality! Welcome to a new contemporary interface, intuitive tabbed navigation and a redefined course experience that makes it easier for educators or trainers to create and edit courses and for learners to reduce distractions and prioritise course work.

Let a Moodle 4.0 expert from Enovation show you the latest from Moodle 4.0.