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Message from Sponsor: IntelliBoard

    Hi there,

    We hope you enjoyed MoodleMoot IEUK 2022 as much as we did! 

    It is always an absolute pleasure to meet fellow data lovers. Our team at IntelliBoard is all about bringing actionable data from your LMS that allows you to monitor progress, track performance, and make the necessary interventions.

    We are thrilled to share our newest product with you, and hope you had a chance to watch our very own Mariana Robson present on The Future of Your Learning Analytics – Introducing IntelliBoard Next! If you didn’t get a chance to catch our session, you can view it here!

    Learn how IntelliBoard Next provides simple analytics for multiple data sources to address the most common user needs. Combine datasets from your LMS, SIS, and Web-conference tools! 

    We would love the opportunity to continue our discussion on how we can help your institution realize its full Moodle data potential. Check our short video to get a glimpse of data loving!

    Yours in Data,

    The IntelliBoard Team