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Message from Sponsor – Turnitin

    Thank you for joining us at MoodleMoot Ireland and UK 2022!

    We really enjoyed meeting you at the online event and we hope that you have had enough time to fully digest the MoodleMoot Ireland and UK  experience. If you have not requested a follow- up call with our team and have a burning question to ask, why not send us an email?

    Did you miss our Sessions?

    Our sessions highlighted how Gradescope by Turnitin can support your institution’s assessment model and can offer a timely and fairer learning experience to students whilst keeping marking time at bay for time-pressed instructors.

    Please, find below a summary of our activities during the event:

    Mark any assessment from anywhere with Gradescope by Turnitin – Monday 9th May, 12:00 am -11:25 am 

    Grading is time-consuming and manual, and educators generally find that maintaining a consistent and coordinated level of grading is unfeasible without sacrificing their time, especially with paper-based work. Gradescope is already helping a number of UK institutions—including Durham University, the University of Leeds, and the University of Edinburgh—to accelerate feedback loops, digitise paper assessment, and increase grading efficiency, all whilst upholding pedagogical best practices. Whatever the subject, whatever the teaching setting, whatever your testing format, discover how Gradescope can support your institution’s assessment model, too.

    Improving the student experience and accelerating feedback loops – Tuesday 10th May, 11:30 pm – 11:55 pm

    Knowing that good access to IT is far from every student’s reality, Gradescope was founded with the belief that, regardless of location or assessment type, there has to be a better way to process and evaluate student work so that students stay more engaged with their coursework and understand areas for improvement. Join our session to find out how Gradescope’s modern technology bridges the gap between the paper and digital worlds to accommodate all students’ circumstances and reduce the time associated with traditional marking. We’ll explain how Gradescope’s features, including dynamic rubrics, regrade requests, and detailed student performance data, can offer a timely and fairer learning experience to students whilst keeping marking time at bay for time-pressed instructors.

    Gradescope by Turnitin

    Deliver and mark your assessments anywhere

    Used by over 110 K instructors around the world, Gradescope helps digitally collect, organize, and store work; streamline grading workflows for paper-based exams and assignments, online homework, and programming projects; and identify student and class trends with robust statistics and dashboards.

    Adopting Gradescope to transform digital assessment at the University of Edinburgh

    Thursday 9 June 2022 10:00 BST Like many institutions in 2020, the shift to remote learning accelerated digital assessment at the University of Edinburgh. With significant growth in student numbers, and more assessments to handle, the university needed to pivot in order to better support authentic assessment—particularly in STEM subjects. In this panel discussion, you’ll hear how Edinburgh moved from a Turnitin-led pilot of Gradescope to widespread uptake, positively transforming their digital assessment journey. We will discuss: How the university successfully used Gradescope to implement a digital assessment solution at speed The benefits of going digital as experienced by staff and students New opportunities to deliver assessment in a hybrid and flexible way for learners