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Three Presentations on Moodle Usage and Tenders from MootIEUK20!

This blog post revisits three of the popular sessions under the topic ‘Moodle Usage and Tenders’’ recorded for The UK & Ireland Moodlemoot, 2020.

Due Diligence with Plug Ins

Senior Developer Peter Spicer from Catalyst IT Europe highlights the importance of carrying out risk assessments for your Moodle site.

Whether you are using Moodle as a central part of your business, for online learning, or even for just supplementary usage, having an effective due diligence process in place before allowing a plugin onto your site is crucial.

In this presentation, Peter talks us through his due diligence procedure, which he will consistently carry out before allowing a plugin onto his client’s Moodle site.

Guiding Staff Towards Minimum Requirements

Consistency is key when it comes to creating an accessible and engaging online learning environment.

Mark Sharp from the University of Chichester brings this point to life in his presentation, discussing his institution’s journey in attaining consistency within their Moodle site to create a more consistent learning experience for their students.

The Performance of Big Moodle Installations

What is “Big Moodle”? Does size matter? What is the correlation between size and performance? In this presentation, Tomek Muras from Enovation Studios gives the low-down on ‘big’ Moodle installations, sharing insights into his experience with them, their performance, and an efficient guide for scaling Moodle installations.

These were just a few of some of the great sessions from the first online UK & Ireland Moodlemoot. Have something you would like to add? MootIEUK21 will happen from May 10 – 12 this year! Registration to attend MootIEUK21 & submission to present are now open. Come join us and be a part of it all!