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Moodlemoot UK & Ireland 2023 Schedule (DRAFT)

MootIEUK is a three-day online event held from May 15th – 17th, 2023. The following is the outline schedule of these 3 days.

Once the schedule is confirmed (all presenters registered) we will then finalise the schedule and put it into a calendar file. If for any reason your presentation that you submitted is missing, please let us know asap.

Day 1: Monday 15th May

ScheduleStart_TimeEnd_TimeStream 1
Monday9:009:30Moodlemoot Opening and Welcome
Monday9:3010:30Keynote: AI versus AI: Dr Mark Glynn PFHEA, Director of Transformation Architecture for Education at EY Ireland. (50 mins)
Monday10:3011:30Panel: How can Artificial Intelligence be integrated into the teaching experience for course builders / facilitators. (50 mins)
Monday12:0013:00Panel: How can Artificial Intelligence be integrated into the learning experience for students. (50 mins)
Monday14:0014:20A modern Moodle interface for the Open Science Laboratory: Sam Marshall, The Open University (15 mins)
Monday14:2014:40Developing a custom theme for Moodle 4: Ephie Lam, King's College London (15 mins)
Monday14:4015:00Shaking off "ugly" from feedback of a multi-module programme by applying simple web conventions and learning experience design: Dionysis Dimakopoulos, University College London (15 mins)
Monday15:3016:00Cognitive science and interactivity: the secret to active students?: Annelies Dejonckheere, Head of Expansion at Wooclap
Monday16:0016:20New Quiz Features and Question Types: These Are the Journeys....: Chris Nelson, The Open University (UK) (15 mins)
Monday16:2016:40What we learnt about accessible maths in Moodle from (re)designing an engineering course for online: Gareth Peevers, University of Glasgow (15 mins)
Monday16:4017:00Students’ views on Moodle and Mahara: Suzanne Stone DCU (15 mins)
Monday17:0017:20Sometimes the simplest changes can have the biggest impact. Designing Moodle courses for the online, lifelong learning community: Geraldine McDermott, Technological University of the ShannonTec (15 mins)
Monday17:2017:30End of Schedule for Day 1

Day 2: Tuesday 16th May

ScheduleStart_TimeEnd_TimeStream 1
Tuesday9:00Start of Day
Tuesday9:3010:00Integrating simulations for sustainability education: Aideen O'Dochartaigh, Dublin City University (5 mins)
Lavishing the Lesson with Love: Eoin Campbell, Technological University Dublin (5 mins)
Why can't my students open my Rise SCORMs?: Martin Greenaway, SkillSet Ltd (5 mins)
Logged-out course pages for Social Media campaigns: Martin Greenaway, SkillSet Ltd (5 mins)
Tuesday10:0010:30Moodle HQ Presentation
Tuesday10:3011:00How to Make Your Online Courses More Engaging: Anna Poli, Instructional designer at iSpring. (25 mins)
Tuesday11:3012:00Transforming Program Evaluation in DCU: TEU's Innovative New Tool: Motasem Al Haj Ali, DCU (25 Mins)
Tuesday12:0012:30Conquering complexity of assessments underpinning the National Hairdressing Apprenticeship.: Sheila McDonald and Lorraine Hickey, Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board (25 Mins)
Tuesday12:3013:00Automating assignment preparation and submissions in Moodle with ONLYOFFICE forms (25 mins)
Tuesday14:0014:20Subject Access Request: A Moodle Odyssey: Neill Magill, University of Nottingham (15 mins)
Tuesday14:2014:40Farewell to Pen and Paper: Digitalizing On-site Exams University-wide: Birgitta Kivinen, University of Helsinki (15 mins)
Tuesday14:4015:00Alternate content formats - how to support your students - Karen Holland, Laia Canet, Brickfield Education Labs (15 mins)
15:0015:20Assessment as and for learning with Moodle: Clare Gormley, Rob Lowney, DCU (15 mins)
Tuesday15:2015:40Taking the best of both: charting a journey towards one Moodle site in a newly established technological university: Geraldine McDermott, Technological University of the Shannon (15 mins)
Tuesday15:4016:00Automating the Provisioning of Enrolment Course Groups using Attribute Enrolment: Eoin Campbell, Technological University Dublin (15 mins)
Tuesday16:3017:30Panel: Title to be confirmed

Day 3: Wednesday 17th May

ScheduleStart_TimeEnd_TimeRoom 1
Wednesday9:009:30Start of Day
Wednesday9:3010:30Keynote: Martin Dougiamas, Moodle HQ
10:3011:00Captioning your videos in Moodle: Laia Canet, Brickfield Education labs (25 Mins)
Wednesday11:3012:00Writing Better Behat Tests: Tim Hunt, The Open University (25 Mins)
Wednesday12:0012:30Personalising the learning experience with Filter Codes (and a few other plugins): Dave Foord, A6 Training and Consultancy Ltd (25 Mins)
Wednesday12:3013:00Workshop: Accessibility Bingo - Can you spot the common accessibility issues with this online course? Gavin Henrick, Brickfield Education Labs (25 minutes)
Wednesday14:0014:20Student feedback on ‘My Feedback’: Rob Lowney, DCU (15 mins)
Wednesday14:2014:40Instructor and Student Moodle Wish list: Alicia Cundell, Concordia Univeristy (15 mins)
Wednesday14:4015:00Maximising engagement with student surveys on Moodle: Rob Lowney, DCU (15 mins)
Wednesday15:0015:20Adopting STACK type questions for robust online formative, normative and summative assessment: Corné Muilwijk, Dublin City University (15 mins)
Wednesday15:2015:40Peer assessment of key scientist competencies: Emma Coyle, Dublin City University (15 mins)
Wednesday15:4016:00Compass Plus: A new tool to support student self-assessment: Rob Lowney, DCU (15 mins)
Wednesday16:3017:30Interactive Session - Show me your Superpower!!! Dr Michelle Moore, MoodleUS
Wednesday17:30Goodbye Coffees! Till Face to Face in 2024. (Call for Venue)