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Moodlemoot Workshops – April 6th

    We have now published the list of the workshop streams for day 1.  The workshops are:

    • Full day – Moodle Developer Hackfest (Lead by Tim Hunt of the Open University)
    • Full day – Newly Revised MEC Teaching and Learning Module 2020 – (Lead by Mary Cooch, Moodle HQ)
    • Full day – Workplace learning (Lead by Mark Melia, Enovation Solutions)
    • Half day – ABC to VLE Curriculum Design Sprint (Lead by Suzanne Stone, DCU)  (ran twice, morning and afternoon)
    • Half day – UDL, Moodle and Me (Lead by Rob Lowne, DCU) (ran twice, morning and afternoon)

    For full workshop descriptions please check the Workshops page on the website

    ** Places are limited on some of these, so it will be based on booking your spot after registration. We will have a Moodle site up and running in the next few weeks for this

    Moodle Developer Hackfest

    The DevJam is an informal opportunity for developers to meet, to share knowledge and ideas, and hack on some code together. It will cover a range of Moodle development topics from getting started to advanced users. You will need a laptop to participate fully!

    Newly Revised MEC Teaching and Learning Module 2020

    The revised Moodle Educator Certification program (MEC 2020) moves teachers beyond basic use of Moodle tools and encourages them to think about the pedagogy behind their choices. The six-course program has been developed by Mary Cooch and Helen Foster, authors of the Learn Moodle and Admin Basics MOOCs. The courses have been reviewed by key Moodle partner trainers and include significant pedagogical content and numerous case studies along with self-assessment quizzes and assignments.You will need a laptop to participate fully!

    Workplace learning

    This will consist of four 90 minute sessions- covering Designing courses for soft skills, Onboarding staff, HR integrations and Implementing Moodle Workplace. Aspects of this workshop are practical where Participants will work on their own Moodle sites trying out the techniques demonstrated in the workshop. Participants should bring a laptop or other suitable device for building content, and editing Moodle courses with them.

    Spin the Wheel: Introducing ABC Learning Design and the ‘ABC to VLE App Wheel’

    The workshop will begin with a demo that offers a hands-on experience of the increasingly popular ABC Learning Design approach. Participants will get to try out the various ABC LD activities for themselves and consider the potential for their own contexts. Participants will then be introduced to the ‘ABC to VLE App Wheel’ – an interactive resource that provides video- and text-based guidance on how to use specific tools within the Moodle VLE and beyond. Participants are asked to bring along their own devices in order to engage fully.

    UDL, Moodle and Me

    This workshop at MoodleMoot will explore how Moodle can be used to provide the three fundamentals of UDL for students. It will be a practical, half day session in which participants will learn about the core concepts of UDL and their application in practice. Drawing on these concepts they will critique Moodle courses that exhibit poor UDL practice and then be encouraged to develop their own Moodle course that exemplifies good practice. Participants will work in small groups and should bring a laptop or other suitable device for editing Moodle courses with them.

    For full information on the workshops check the workshop schedule page