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Meet Smowltech at #MootIEUK22

Who are you and how does your company help your clients?

SMOWL is a remote supervision software developed by Smowltech, which seeks to make quality education more accessible.

We are pioneers in the development of this type of tools in Europe. In addition, we receive funds from the European Commission for the development of the solution and we also have their endorsement for its use by fully complying with the RGPD.

You can integrate the SMOWL tool with Moodle through a simple plugin. It will help you validate the identity and certify that the user has obtained the appropriate knowledge without unauthorised actions.

It is essential to mention that SMOWL is not responsible for the evaluation of the students. It generates a report with the captured images so that the teacher, or the person in charge of the evaluation, can make the appropriate decisions.

The objective is to transfer what is done face-to-face to the online environment while maintaining academic integrity.

Our team has developed different products and levels of security that allow us to adapt to the needs of each institution. We can even offer a simple version that gives the student the flexibility to perform a Moodle exam in any browser or device without installing anything.

Furthermore, we have developed a new product powered by a human team ready to validate the images once the online activity is done. We don’t need biometrical information from the users to validate their identities. Also, human teams help to avoid racial bias and lack of recognition for neurodivergent students.

Smowltech’s mission is to build confidence in online learning. We are working so that people can access quality education 100% online and, consequently, access new opportunities to improve their quality of life.

Thanks to SMOWL, students can validate their knowledge during an online exam no matter where they are. We can reach any student anywhere because it requires very little Internet consumption by capturing images instead of video, as other software does. That also allows teachers to save time by reviewing only the photos with incidences and not full videos.

Mainly our clients are educational institutions. However, we also work with companies, recruitment agencies, certifiers, financial institutions, and government entities. Every day, more and more companies join the validation of identity and knowledge 100% online.

Have you attended a Moodle Moot before?

Our Moodle Proctoring plugin has already been presented in other MoodleMoots worldwide; Basque Country, Mexico, Italy, Barcelona (Moot Global)…

In fact, within our team, we have our Moodle experts who stay updated on all the news and keep our product at the forefront.

Our goal is to maintain an innovative product that is constantly updated according to market needs and offers the best possible user experience.

SMOWL was designed from the ground up with privacy in mind and to be as friendly as possible by fully integrating with the student’s experience when taking an online assessment.

We want to provide a simple solution that is already working with the environment that the users perfectly know.

What is your favourite aspect of a Moodlemoot?

We love participating in the Moodlemoot as they help us stay updated and learn about all the news and new opportunities that this fantastic LMS offers us.

For us, Moodle is a great ally to achieve our mission: to reduce the barriers that prevent access to quality education.

Share with us one tool or technique you or your client implemented while using Moodle which has benefited you and your organisation!

The main functions of SMOWL are to validate the student’s identity; this is making sure that it is the correct person, and during the Moodle exam, it is in charge of supervising that the rules that the institution determined are followed.

In this way, we can validate the users’ knowledge at any time and anywhere, which helps institutions increase the opportunities they can offer to users worldwide, breaking the space-time barriers.

We want to be able to say that, thanks to SMOWL and Moodle, more people have had access to a better quality of life. We believe it can derive from the better opportunities offered by being able to train online without incurring a significant expense or neglecting other responsibilities, like your job or taking care of other people.

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