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Meet IntelliBoard at #MootIEUK22

Who are you and how does your company help your clients?

I am Mariana Robson, Regional Sales Director for the EMEA region at IntelliBoard. We help clients to see and understand their LMS data at macro and micro levels of analytics.

We give them the view they cannot have using the LMS only. Let’s say that with IntelliBoard they can see their LMS information from a higher level, understand Macro Analytics and take action from their own Learning Analytics. As well as looking for a full path of a single student, identify if at-risk and take action too.

Have you attended a Moodle Moot before?

Yes, many! In France, Spain, Italy and the UK & Ireland before

What is the title of your presentation(s) at this year’s Moot?

The Future of Learning Analytics – Introducing IntelliBoard Next

Give us a brief description of what to look forward to

I look forward to hearing from other people’s experiences and learn to improve my own LMS experience so that I can also share with others in the future.

What is your favourite aspect of a Moodlemoot?

The possibility to connect with people and exchange ideas for improvement of our LMS daily usage.

Share with us one tool or technique you or your client implemented while using Moodle which has benefited you and your organisation!

The language pack translator that helps us to adapt the language strings to our use-cases and different scenarios

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