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Meet our MootIEUK21 sponsors: Turnitin

Meet our MootIEUK21 sponsors: Turnitin Who are you and how does your company help your clients? Turnitin actively partners with educators and institutions to enhance academic integrity and excellence through formative tools and educational resources that engage students in the writing process, provide personalised feedback, and assess student progress over… Read More »Meet our MootIEUK21 sponsors: Turnitin

Moodle Usage and Tenders

Three Presentations on Moodle Usage and Tenders from MootIEUK20! This blog post revisits three of the popular sessions under the topic ‘Moodle Usage and Tenders’’ recorded for The UK & Ireland Moodlemoot, 2020. Due Diligence with Plug Ins Senior Developer Peter Spicer from Catalyst IT Europe highlights the importance of… Read More »Moodle Usage and Tenders