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Sept 28th - Day 1 #MootIEUK20

Monday Sept 28th saw the kick off of the 2020 UK & Ireland Moodlemoot. This was the first day of a three day flipped classroom online event. The new flipped classroom approach to the Moodlemoot was aimed to provide more interactive and active sessions compared to direct presentations.

Please note that only registered Moodlemoot attendees have access to the recordings. Please log in with your registered MootIEUK email and password to gain access. 


For those with a 3 day ticket, workshop sign ups opened on Sunday, 27th September. Workshops consisted of 90 minute active training sessions on different topics, with one or two facilitators doing the live workshops. The topics included: ABC to VLE, UDL & Moodle, Moodle Dev, h5P Student Content, Teaching & Learning MEC, Designing courses for soft skills, Onboarding staff, H5P Introduction, Implementing Moodle Workplace, Accessibility Introduction, Document Accessibility, Media Accessibility, Web Accessibility, Introduction to Gamification, Quiz basics, Improved Forum use, and database for dummies.


Most attendees had gained access to the platform on Sunday night/Monday morning and began interacting with the on-demand presentations. These were 20 minute pre-recorded presentations, which were categorized into the following topics:

  • Accessibility for online services

  • Student Experience

  • Teaching Strategies & Amp; Universal Design for Learning

  • Video Capture and Virtual Classrooms

  • Development 

  • Workshops

  • Academic Integrity of Assessment 

  • Asynchronous teaching and learning 

  • Creating interactive activities

  • ePortfolios and Moodle 

  • Grading, Learning Analytics and Reporting

  • Scaling eLearning in the time of a Pandemic

  • Moodle Usage evaluation and Tenders

  • Staff Professional Development

#MootIEUK - Day 1

Things kicked off with the hashtag #MootIEUK20. Attendees shared their ‘moot-from-home’ space. At the end of day 1, attendees, presenters and organisers met though congregate live to chat, share ideas and discuss the first day of MootIEUK20.

Here are some of the tweets. 

Jesus Frederico tweeted: "Getting ready for #MootIEUK20. God is our witness and all our friends form #Moodle know we would love to be physically there. But in thoughts and bytes, we (blindsidenetworks) will be there! Showing the best and the latest of Bigbluebutton once again. Happy moot.
Mark Sharp tweeted: "Right. I think I'm ready for the #MootIEUK20 conference. Just because we can't get to dublin..." with an image of baked bread, a potato and a glass of whiskey.
MoodleMoot UK & Ireland Tweeted: Show us your #MootIEUKsetup for the next few days. Where are you moot-ing from? #Mootieuk20 #MootIEUK #Moodle
Tweet from Mark Glynn "Running an online conference and teaching at the same time ... #openteach #MootIEUK . I will sleep tonight.