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Sept 30th - Day 3 #MootIEUK20

The final day of MootIEUK consisted of 3 Panels, 3 Open mic meetings and 6 Expert sessions, similar to day 2. The new flipped classroom approach to the Moodlemoot was aimed to provide more interactive and active sessions compared to direct presentations. Access the recordings for the Panels and Open Mics below.

Please note that only registered Moodlemoot attendees have access to the recordings. Please log in with your registered MootIEUK email and password to gain access. 

Wednesday’s Panels

Academic Integrity of Assessment

With the recent increased push to greater online assessment due to covid, academic integrity has come under more and more scrutiny. Dr Mark Glynn discussed a range of topics in this live session, covering originality checking, Lockdown browsers, Proctoring, assessment methodologies, have moved from the academic sphere to become items discussed within national newspapers. He also answered pre-submitted and live questions from attendees during the session. 

Access the recording to the ‘Academic Integrity of Assessment’ session. 

Asynchronous teaching and learning

Gavin Henrick chaired this session with the main question asking was online learning supposed to become virtual lectures for 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week? The sudden pivot to more online learning for some became synchronous consumption of remote lectures delivered in an online lecture theatre, with little interaction and engagement. During the live session, Gavin spoke about the positives and negatives of asynchronous teaching and learning and asked attendees to share their experience and thoughts.  

Access the recording to the ‘Asynchronous teaching and leaning’ session.

Staff Professional Development

This session was chaired by Dr. Mark Glynn, who spoke about the importance of staff professional development. He says development of the knowledge and skills essential to perform professionally is key and yet an area that institutions and individuals often overlook. Gaining credit for existing knowledge and practice is also a key aspect of Continuous Professional Development when so much of our learning is on the job, learned through doing. Mark asks attendees for their opinion, and answered attendee questions during the session. 

Access the recording to the ‘Staff Professional Development’ session.

Wednesday’s Open Mics

It is a phrase thrown around by developers, teachers, administrators, and mainstream media. With the push into fully online, or hybrid online the focus on what the student experience is and should be is right up there being debated by educators and the public. Dr Mark Glynn chaired this session, encouraging attendees to share their views on how the student experience is working out right now, how it can be improved, what their organisations have done to improve the student experience.

Access the recording to ‘The Student Experience’ session.

Grading, Learning Analytics and Reporting

Gavin Henrick chaired this live session where he discussed grading, learning analytics and reporting. Moodle usage Statistics, reports, analytics have become mission critical – more than before if possible. With most activity of teachers and students being online, being able to check engagement, activity and progress for both staff and students is vital in this global pivot. Gavin asked attendees, what data are you using? How are you reporting on it? Who accesses it and who acts on the results? Which tools are you using to get these insights?

Access the recording to the ‘Grading, Learning Analytics and Reporting’ session.

Moodle usage evaluation and Tenders

Dr. Mark Glynn asked attendees, how do you evaluate your Moodle usage across the site and within courses? Moving your Moodle from inhouse hosted to externally hosted, or from one host to another poses some questions – What should you put in the RFP? What can you expect from Moodle Partners? Are there templates you can use? What about migration? Will you lose features? How do you evaluate your current usage of Moodle to improve it? Which services do you need? Mark discussed those questions with attendees, and answered live questions during this session. 

Access the recording to the ‘Moodle Usage Evaluation and Tenders’ session. 

Meet the Expert - Q&A format

In meeting room B, the attendees were included in a more informal session where they could ask questions to an expert in a specific area. In these sessions, “experts” and attendees had the opportunity to interact with each other in a zoom meeting, rather than a webinar room. This allowed a relaxed conversation between all participants in these hour long sessions focusing on a specific topic.

To have a look back at one of these recordings, click on the topic’s link below.

Closing Session

After a long three days filled with presentations, tweeting, live panel discussions and virtual coffee chats, Wednesday’s close of business brought the live closing session. The closing session for the 2020 UK & Ireland Moodlemoot had a look back on the last 3 days, and spoke about looking forward to the coming year of challenges and next year’s Moodlemoot 2021.

The team thanked the sponsors, the keynote speakers and attendees, and even used Wooclap as an opportunity for interaction, and to gain live feedback from attendees. Check out what they said in the summary blog post.