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Smowltech is on a mission to build trust in online learning. So will enable people to access quality education 100% online and, consequently, access new opportunities to improve their quality of life.
For this purpose, we have created SMOWL.

SMOWL is a remote supervision software that seeks to make quality education more accessible for everyone. You can integrate the SMOWL tool with Moodle through a simple plugin, validating the identity and certifying that the user has obtained the appropriate knowledge without performing unauthorized actions.

You can learn more about Smowltech for Moodle on the Smowl website.

In addition to being pioneers of this type of tool in Europe, the SMOWL tool has the endorsement of the European Commission as it fully complies with the RGPD.

Would you like to be part of the more than 300 institutions worldwide that take care of their prestige by carrying out comprehensive, safe, quality and 100% online evaluations? Book a call with our team and request 100 free licenses to test SMOWL on your platform!

Find out more about how our monitoring tool integrates with your Moodle.