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Sponsor Message – Smowltech

    Hi there,

    My name is Ricardo Vea, CEO of Smowltech, the Proctoring company that has developed a plugin to remotely monitor online exams and assessments in Moodle. 

    Last week I had the pleasure of attending MoodleMoot UK&ROI, during which I listened carefully to your comments and feedback on remote invigilation during online exams and I’ve learnt a lot. Smowltech is grateful for your sincerity.

    We are aware of all the noise around proctoring these days but trust us, we have been working hard in training our teams and even developing new products to provide our partners with more options for their examinees as they work to improve accessibility to quality education.

    Indeed, we have developed a new product according to all these new concerns and requirements that the market is demanding, it’s name is SMOWL Human, our proctoring solution powered by a human team ready to validate the images once the online activity is done, which means, avoiding the usage of biometric data to verify the identity of the student, also human teams help to avoid racial bias and lack of recognition for neurodivergent students.

    Also, as we are an EU-funded company, we had to comply with several audits including an “Ethics Check Report” and also fully comply with the GDPR.

    We are seeing a change in students’ behavior where they are demanding proctoring solutions to provide more credibility to their certifications apart from more flexibility.

    More recently, we are working with one of the biggest online universities in Europe, which offered their students the option of choosing to have face-to-face exams or do it online with proctoring; and 96% did choose online…

    Furthermore, we strongly believe in our ability to contribute with our Moodle proctoring plugin for a better world, improving people’s lives with better life opportunities thanks to the access to quality education 100% online, and also by diminishing the impact that harms the environment.

    Recently we’ve been committed with our contribution to achieve 2 of the SDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals):

    • 4. Increasing the access to quality education
    • 13. Climate action by reducing CO2 emissions

    Our 3 objectives are:

    • Strenghten the quality of online education: With online identity and knowledge validation.
    • Increase the access to training and education: Enabling users to evaluate anywhere and anytime, reducing costs and even with low internet connections in rural areas.
    • Reduce the environmental impact: Proctored remote evaluations lead to fewer cars commuting to test centers. Also, they’re paperless.

    If you want to learn more about our products, initiatives or join us in our mission, visit our booth, website, or schedule a call directly with our team!

    We will be super happy to talk with you!

    Kind regards!

    Ricardo Vea

    CEO of Smowltech