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The venue

Moodlemoot Online

This year, the UK & Ireland Moodlemoot will be “in the cloud” using a combination of a Moodle site, Vimeo powered by Zoom and social interaction to facilitate online access, live sessions and interactive networking.

Moodle Site

All registered attendees will get an account on the Moodle Workplace platform. This will give them access to any of the pre-recorded presentations, sponsors’ information and links/information on the live sessions.

Each presenter gets their own course area so they can have their pre-recorded presentation, their slides and other materials and enable them to engage directly with those attending in a forum or use a contact form to get more direct queries.

Each sponsor will also have their own course area where they can add in information on their company, products, services and team, discussion forums, contact forum and a list of the pre-recorded sessions and times for when their live sessions will be running.

All pre-recorded sessions will be embedded in Moodle with captions enabled.

Zoom Meetings

We will use Zoom for many things;  recording pre-recorded sessions and the live sessions, all of our panel discussions, meet the expert sessions and much more. This year, we will embed Vimeo, and stream the sessions live on the site.

We will be embedding Vimeo powered by Zoom, for live delivery of all the sessions to ensure that live sessions have a built in chat, question and answer and voting feature to promote interaction as it can handle huge numbers for delivery. We will have captioners present for all live panels, ask the expert and Q&A sessions.

Social Platform

The UK & Ireland Moodlemoot Online will be using a social discussion platform for our coffee, lunch and drinks breaks to enable people take control over their online interactions with other attendees.

The concept is that people will join the platform and select a table to join to chat with others with video/audio and text chat. 

From the MootIEUK20 feedback, we learned that you would like to more engagement on which we were also really impressed with – built by students for collaborative sessions online. We will be utilizing this for MootIEUK21.

All sessions will be BYOC (Bring your own coffee), BYOF (Bring your own Food), or BYOD (Bring your own drinks) 🙂